Wholes & Parts

The whole is always infinitely greater than the sum total of its parts. Thus, the content of the whole, God, becomes both immanent and transcendent with regard to the manifested content. One such example is the real line in mathematics. We know from Real Analysis that the interval between numbers 0 and 1 has the … More Wholes & Parts

Diving in God

We run away from that which fills us toward that which drains us; we run away from God which is the source of consciousness and seek objects which consume our consciousness. All our pain and suffering comes from lack of consciousness, from losing ourselves to the objects of desire. Let go of these world objects … More Diving in God

Facing The Origin

The life of God is the life of bliss and plenitude. If I may compare God to a waterfall insofar as His infinitude is understood as the constant flow and overabundance of grace, then man is like an empty vessel in the midst of God. If the vessel is pointed upward toward the source it … More Facing The Origin

The Inexpressible

Everywhere you look you see the face of God; blessed be the one who sees the face and not the world. This world is nothing whatsoever; it is all God. We think we see the world; little do we know that seeing the world is epidemic blindness, for in seeing the world we fail to … More The Inexpressible

Destined for Greatness

The Path to Greatness Situation is outward identity; identity is inward situation. Identity is something always situated; it is always in a relationship with the other. The identity of the other is not fixed but rather a function of the other identities to which it is related. Identity is not an alien entity put into … More Destined for Greatness

Man and Existence

Creative Misunderstandings of Existentialism Jean-Paul Sartre was not a trained philosopher but a brilliant writer; he created philosophical literature but never a rigorous philosophy. He actually never studied philosophy academically, but he was under the influence of the phenomenological movement and its methods. Sartre’s existentialism is a misunderstanding of phenomenology and its tenets, for phenomenology … More Man and Existence

Mazed & Amazed

Human as Veil Captivation in Acceptedness When we as human beings try to get a glimpse of truth we often fail to do so because truth is concealed by our very humanity. Our humanity is itself the first and the last and the only veil behind which The Absolute and The Infinite dwells. It is … More Mazed & Amazed