Mazed & Amazed

Human as Veil

Captivation in Acceptedness

When we as human beings try to get a glimpse of truth we often fail to do so because truth is concealed by our very humanity. Our humanity is itself the first and the last and the only veil behind which The Absolute and The Infinite dwells.

It is under the mask and disguise of humanity that we appear as separated beings. In reality this separation is like an optical illusion. Our immersion and absorption in our humanity and our human affairs has obscured the view of the transcendental realm within which we are all united as one experiencing transcendental onlooker.

The gaze of the transcendental onlooker is captivated by world-belief and world-experience; through this transcendental experience the onlooker objectifies itself as humanity, and forgetting its own essence and its objectifying act the onlooker falls into the false belief that it is human.

Once we refrain from living a life of acceptedness, a life created and governed by unexamined assumptions and beliefs, then the gaze of the onlooker is freed from its world-captivation and the new realm of transcendental experience opens up before us for the first time. We have then woken up from the dream of separation into the absolute truth of non-duality and unity. We have taken off the mask of humanity.

As one dreaming consciousness appears in its dream as separate individuals in a common world, our apparent separation too is only an appearance projected from one and the same supreme consciousness. In reality there is one consciousness and one experience; we are but characters living in the subconscious of that experiencing consciousness; in essence we are not other than the supreme consciousness; our apparent separation is the manifestation of the thoughts and desires of one transcendent consciousness.

We are nothing but a thought, an idea floating in the infinite consciousness.

Let go of the limiting thought and emerge as the absolute and the infinite reality which is supreme, perfect, and eternally blissful.

We are identical with the supreme consciousness who is now hypnotized by world-experience. The supreme Self is veiled by humanity. The supreme Self is mazed by its own outward projection.

This world-appearance is nothing but the Ecstasy of Consciousness.

We can escape from this hypnosis; the way to do so is to examine our assumptions and acknowledge that we have been living a life of acceptedness. Once we recognize this and do away with all concepts and assumptions which are by nature limited and which have concealed our infinitude, then we are instantly freed. We wake up to our true nature, the supreme reality, the Universal Self of all selves.

Our humanity is just a veil. Tear the veil by the sword of self-knowledge and wake up from the hypnosis.

3 thoughts on “Mazed & Amazed

  1. Here we are again. That is exactly how it is, but our personal identities are made possible by our bodies and they require maintenance. The devil in the details, as they say. Because this is a timeless experience, we return to the patterns we have identified as being ourselves. Like it or not, we must live in a temporal world. In the end, as in the beginning, each of us has a personal world. Some of us may want to change that … and change it will whether we will it to be so or not, as change is the motion of the universe.

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    1. Change is fundamental as you say. quantum physics, too, made this paradigm shift in that direction. Before they thought change is everywhere but it is things that change, those things themselves being solid and stable. But QM shows that there is nothing more fundamental than change. It is not that there are things that are changing; rather, there is only change, and this change is thinging. Phenomena appear in the ceaseless temporal flow; without the flow there is no phenomena. I like that.


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