MedHello! I am Tomaj.

I started NOEMAYA, a blog devoted to nonduality, in the fall of 2014 to share the echoes of a nondual, spiritual breakthrough in my life and to explore ways in which spirituality can come into and shape our everyday life. You can find in this YouTube video an account of my experience of nonduality.

NOEMAYA, a blog for sensitive souls and fellow life travelers, strives to spread the word about the presence of an eternal center, a source of infinite bliss and wisdom, that lies in the heart of every human being. If you are seeking to find a meaning for your life or find joy in little things, then you’re in the right place. Here, and together, our journey is to find the extraordinary that is at the heart of the ordinary.

In this blog, you will find topics from western and eastern philosophies to sacred and secular spiritual traditions, quantum physics and metaphysics, psychology and personal development, and all things that in one way or another encourage us to reconnect to our Higher Self and live meaningfully and authentically. In short, NOEMAYA is a portal to Perennial Philosophy.

In case you’re curious about the name NOEMAYA: I created this name by combining the two words Noema and Maya. Noema is a philosophical term for “meaning” and is used in phenomenological philosophy to refer to the world as an intention of consciousness. Maya, in Indian philosophy, refers to the universe as the field of appearances or the illusion of material existence. So, NOEMAYA is a name for Reality as a whole which is nothing but a meaning-appearance that is at once projected and experienced by consciousness. It is the one word that captures the essence of nonduality for me.

A bit more about me…

I am a graduate of the University of Maryland in theoretical physics. After graduation, I published my first book in 2014, titled “Nondual Perspectives on Quantum Physics,” which is about the uncanny similarities in quantum physics, nondual spiritual traditions (Advaita Vedanta), and the transcendental philosophy of Edmund Husserl. This book is the first volume of a series of short books devoted to nonduality and the nature of consciousness.

I am also a mathematics and physics teacher. In my spare time I play classical guitar and enjoy my swim practice. For me, playing music and swimming are the two most blissful ways of practicing nonduality at the level the body and the mind.

Welcome to NOEMAYA!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I have read through “Nondual Perspectives on Quantum Physics” somewhere around five times. Each time I have learned new aspects of Quantum theory which has helped me gain a working knowledge, at least at the verbal only level, which I have used to spread my enthusiasm for the subject to several friends and family members. My enthusiasm is spurred by my formal training in western philosophies and religions which I believe will be greatly influenced by the discoveries uncovered by Quantum studies. Along with several other books and authors who parallel and support your drawing upon eastern religions and philosophies I have gained what I hope is a layman’s knowledge of how these streams of thought, belief, and personal experiences are coming together to forge a new matrix of cultural and religious knowledge. I see a possibility of these developments affecting western religions and philosophies radically and permanently. Friends and family have requested that I commit some of what I think I know to writing so they could begin to probe these questions for themselves. With my writing now in nearly completed rough draft they are beginning to urge I find a publisher, a process I have never previously experienced. I would never commit to publishing without first obtaining your permissions and that of the others who are sources so I wish to establish contact with you to learn what steps need to be taken to obtain your permissions, whether you might even agree to review the material I have so far developed and if you find it worthy you might consider writing a foreword for it. I value your work highly, have learned much from you, and would be extremely grateful for any help you could offer. I am an 80 year retired mechanical contractor whose lifelong interest in philosophy and the religions of the world has led me into this improbable situation. Your interest and help could be a decisive influence. If a discussion would be more expedient, my cell phone number is 865.389.2349.

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  2. Hello Tomaj. I was able to trace back to your blog. I have watched your YT video concerning your non-duality experience. I have had spiritual experiences bearing some similarities to what you speak of. I tried to communicate about them within a series of articles on my blog, which you can take a look at below. Your approach is quite colored by your Advaita language, ad perhaps also a bit, your academic background. I tried to come at things a different way, speaking more plainly, though sometime poertically. I’ve also read Eckhart, though it was a long time ago. Cheers.

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