Diving in God

We run away from that which fills us toward that which drains us; we run away from God which is the source of consciousness and seek objects which consume our consciousness. All our pain and suffering comes from lack of consciousness, from losing ourselves to the objects of desire. Let go of these world objects and dive into God; everything you lose you will again in Him. Ask of God not what you want but what you need; pray Him to grant you more consciousness and He will give Himself to you.

Lose yourself to Him and you will become the universe.

2 thoughts on “Diving in God

  1. I like this very much. We tend to like to drive ourselves crazy over stuff and things, when in fact what we really need is less of us and more of Him. We can never pour external things into an internal problem and find peace, but we sure do try.

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  2. dear Tomajji kindly allow me here to mention my Guruji’s words- whomever comes to me will loose everything you already posses and expect to posses . i can teach you how to loose all your belongings and will be pauper.

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