The life of God is the life of bliss and plenitude. If I may compare God to a waterfall insofar as His infinitude is understood as the constant flow and overabundance of grace, then man is like an empty vessel in the midst of God. If the vessel is pointed upward toward the source it will always remain full and satisfied. If the vessel is pointed downward away from the source it will always remain empty and insatiable despite being in the middle of plenitude.

Man as this vessel does not, and cannot, do anything in this life but to make an either/or choice with regard to his/her fundamental orientation relative to the origin: Man can either orient him/herself toward Him or away from Him; everything else happens on its own accord and due to His overflowing grace.

There lies deep in the heart of man something at whose sight everything else will be understood, at whose sight all questions are answered and all desires satisfied. It has no name, for it is itself that which gives all else their names.

Some understand us because they have seen, and some don’t because they have not seen. It should suffice us to say that it is understanding that comes from seeing and not seeing from understanding.