Wholes & Parts

The whole is always infinitely greater than the sum total of its parts. Thus, the content of the whole, God, becomes both immanent and transcendent with regard to the manifested content.

One such example is the real line in mathematics. We know from Real Analysis that the interval between numbers 0 and 1 has the same size as the interval between 0 and 1000 or the interval between 0 and infinity! For our purpose we can pick the interval from 0 to 1. Every number between 0 and 1 is a finite number; in fact they are all smaller than 1. But as the length of the interval is infinite, any amount of addition among the numbers within the interval is always infinitely smaller than the length of the interval. Still fascinating is that despite the essential inadequacy of the parts in reconstructing the whole, the size of the interval between any two numbers within a larger interval is always the same size as the larger interval itself. For instance, there are the same amount of numbers existing between 0 and 0.00001 as there are between 1 and 10000.

In number theory we see that the distance between any two infinitely close numbers is always infinitely large, no matter how close the numbers become to one another. Number being itself something finite can never fill the gap between itself and another number. In light of this, every atom is essentially infinitely big as every universe is infinitely small. In terms of size, an atom and the universe are of the same size. Yes then, size matters; but it is either zero or infinite. But we also know that zero and infinity are the two sides of the same coin; one doesn’t exist without the other. Nothingness is God’s back. The choice is ours: Live in His face or die behind His back.

8 thoughts on “Wholes & Parts

  1. Funny… I just randomly stumbled into a bookstore today… and randomly found a book in the clearance section.. and then randomly opened to a page that had this little passage:

    “Imagine anything – a stick, maybe. It has a length. Imagine cutting it in half. Now again. Now again. And so on. Can you keep dividing it in half infinitely? If so, doesn’t that mean it isn’t made of anything? There must be a point when you can’t divide it in half anymore. That indivisible thing: does it have length? If it does, then you can divide it in half, right? But if it doesn’t, then it’s not a thing, right?”

    …… and the author goes on to speak of Kant and reason… as applicable on a universal level. Meaning: the universe has to have had a beginning…but if it has a beginning, then what started the beginning? What started that?… and so on.

    I bought the book. šŸ™‚

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    1. We randomly find the things that change us the most and we couldn’t find otherwise.
      The question of the beginning and end, origin and fate, exist only in our minds because of the way we experience time. We experience the now as having a before and an after; therefore we cannot possibly think of a moment in time that had no before or after. It is only the mind. In reality there is only an eternal now, before and after are its playful hands juggling an illusion called universe. šŸ™‚

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      1. ……My rational mind understands this but I’m just not sure my consciousness is quite ready to fully comprehend the gravity (or lack thereof–hahaha!!) of the eternal now. I can read about it, understand it, write about it and talk about it, but, being partly of this world (and, of course, partially not- LOL), I find it a bit complicated to fully absorb the heaviness of that concept… among others.
        Head = spinning. Hahaha! Love it!

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      2. Well you can actually experience it; then you just know it, no need to understand it. The drawback is that you have to leave your body and personality inside time in order to see it from outside. Or something like that :)) it’s called transcendental experience.

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  2. dear madame arttherapygirl thanks.all your comments are valuable and plain truth.indeed the only thing almost difficult is, to even getting closer to is, live in now and only in now. imagine (is it possible to all) only now is taught to us then may be we might have chance to perceive. but we are fed with so much of beliefs and ideas it becomes very hard to sustain in NOW.
    if you can read the blog post since its inception or his book on Nondual Perspectives on Quantum Physics i am sure you may grip the now.


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