Yin-Yang: The Geometric Equivalent of The Golden Ratio

I have discovered that Yin-Yang and Golden Ratio are different representations of one and the same metaphysical principle. The metaphysical principle of our interest is Unity Within Duality which states the complementary character of conflicting tendencies. This is of course similar to the Hegelian trinity in his interpretation of history: Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis. After giving a short account … More Yin-Yang: The Geometric Equivalent of The Golden Ratio

The Act & The Almighty

The Almighty is the substratum of the acts of cognition.  From the standpoint of a radical empiricism, one yet concealed to the positive sciences, the brute fact of reality is: There is nothing but experience. If experience is divisible into distinct cognitive acts this divisibility is itself something experienced by a consciousness, the witness consciousness. Consciousness of … More The Act & The Almighty

The Idea of Mathematics

Mathematics is a view to the logical structure of the world. The mathematical principles are a priori propositions whose truth-values are independent of empirical evidence, and hence the a priori. Mathematics involves two types of things: Sets and Relations. Sets are the collections of objects, the collection being defined provisionally. For instance, a mathematician may … More The Idea of Mathematics

The Primordial Ignorance: Subject-Object Duality

Object and the knowledge of object are one and the same. Thus, object is knowledge-of object, that is: Object is of the nature of knowledge. Subject is the knower of object; therefore, subject is nothing but an occasion for knowledge. But subject is itself an object because as it is something known: Subject is known as the … More The Primordial Ignorance: Subject-Object Duality