Everywhere you look you see the face of God; blessed be the one who sees the face and not the world.

This world is nothing whatsoever; it is all God. We think we see the world; little do we know that seeing the world is epidemic blindness, for in seeing the world we fail to see that which truly is, the face.

One either sees the face or the world; when the face appears, the world disappears; and when the world is, the face is not, though the face is all that there is. Thus, worldliness is blindness. Humanity is not a thing but the lack of a thing. Ego is not a thing but the lack of a thing, the lack of God. We are through and through a lack, an absence, a void. To be human is to be abandoned, for man is the lowest of the low, for man is nothing but the fallen beast.

One must open the eye of the eye, the ear of the ear, the tongue of the tongue. One must see that one is none but a lack. It is then and only then that the face is seen. The face is the face of all faces; it is the blessed occasion for eternal plenitude and beatitude.

Man cannot see God, for man is only a lack. Only God can see God. Blessed is the one who sees the face, for then he knows that he and the face are one and the same: The Inexpressible.