Let There Be God

Of all our human traits and capacities none is closer to and more worthy of God than our silence, for any act or utterance takes away from the inexpressible splendor of truth. The essence of spiritual life is about becoming so little and quiet that nothing but truth remains to be seen or heard. Thus, … More Let There Be God

Science As Dogma

That modern science is dogmatic both in its foundations and method, and also in its self-assessment and self-understanding, is a matter of fact that is not very well known to the public, and particularly to the fans, or perhaps fanatics, of science. To object to science nowadays, even by an objective objection, is almost as … More Science As Dogma

The Mystery of Existence

Consciousness is by nature consciousness-of something. It is not that consciousness is at liberty to have or not to have an object. There cannot be consciousness without it being consciousness-of something. This characteristic is not an attribute of consciousness; it is its essence. It is called Intentionality¬†or the intentional structure of consciousness.¬†This feature is also … More The Mystery of Existence

The Last Veil

Between man and truth lie only his own ideas and expectations of truth. One who is obsessed with endless talks and descriptions of truth, the truth which is by nature inexpressible, only adds more veils to the path toward truth. Language which works by way of concepts and conceptualizations is precisely that which lies in … More The Last Veil