Science and Prejudice

It was in the nineteenth century that sciences began to determine the total worldview of man. Prior to that century it was not so clear that science’s theoretical grasp of natural order based on the purely quantitative aspect of phenomena had anything to do with the reality of human existence. Prior to nineteenth century in … More Science and Prejudice

Sufi Quotes

Sufism is the esoteric dimension of Islamic. It is concerned with objective truth which is also the ultimate reality, the Absolute and the Infinite principle. Sufis adhere to the Unicity of the Real which posits the oneness of existence. Sufi mystics also consider Plato as one of their sages worthy of sacred salutations. Here are … More Sufi Quotes


Each sphere of phenomenal Being can be divided into three complementary, logical moments: There is the ego which is the act center, the reference point relative to which the acts is defined and determined as the act that it is; then there are acts themselves which are by nature intentional: They have a center from … More Ego-Cogito-Cogitata

The Tale of Man

Man wakes up in the middle of existence; he cannot remember how and why he ended up here. He doesn’t remember anything. Unable to remember, he decides to forget, to forget that he has forgotten something. In his attempt at forgetting his forgetfulness he begins to fill the surrounding void with objects of his own … More The Tale of Man

Transcendental Phenomenology: A Priori Science of Consciousness

Transcendental Phenomenology is a system of philosophy created by Edmund Husserl, the 20th century German philosopher. Phenomenology is the a priori science of experience: It studies experience without reference to assumptions posited by experience. Phenomenology considers experience in itself and without assuming anything about the reality or unreality of the contents of experience. The experience … More Transcendental Phenomenology: A Priori Science of Consciousness

From Quantum Physics to Advaita Vedanta Metaphysics

[The wave image below depicts a wave packet, the wave aspect of a particle; but unlike the physical particle this wave packet is not in physical space; it is a vibration in an abstract mathematical space known as Hilbert Space. The only physical significance of this vibration is that it is related to the probability … More From Quantum Physics to Advaita Vedanta Metaphysics