I see; therefore you are

The fact that the human intellect can recognize in the cosmos two distinct essences, the subject and the object, the being principle and the knowing principle, tells me that this intellect must itself transcend both of these principles.

We cannot see something unless we are in some sense apart from it.

The ground of human intellect is otherworldly, and this not so much in the sense of another world separated from this world, whether above or below or in any sense apart from it. But the otherworldliness of the intellect is similar to the otherworldliness of the waking state compared to its own dreaming state.

If intellect is beyond being and beyond knowing, then what is it!

Intellect sitting at the summit of both being and knowing and yet transcendent to both, is a place (a nowhere) where knowing is purified from all being. This is when knowing transcends the polarity of the sensible and even the intelligible worlds.

When knowing is purged of all being, when duality is transcended, what is left is pure seeing, and this is what the intellect is.

Intellect is pure seeing, so pure that the seeing of the sensible order is sheer blindness in comparison to it.

The seeing we find in this world is but a shadow of a metaphysical sight that is perfect and homogeneous: It sees at once in all directions and at all times, and there is nothing that it does not see.

In fact, things exists because It sees them. If It were to blink for an instant, all things would perish.

This pure seeing is not a property of a something or a someone; there is no secondary subject attached to it and who’s in possession of this sight. It is not a thing that sees; it is rather pure, anonymous seeing.

This supreme sight has no seer behind it. It is a kind of seeing that is before the seer and the seen are.

How can my tongue begin to say more, say more of a blessed seeing for which one must leave behind this worldly seeing and become blind!

Isn’t it ironic my friends! To truly see with the eyes we truly posses, we must become truly blind in the eyes we think we posses.

Let It see.

3 thoughts on “I see; therefore you are

  1. We cannot see something unless we are in some sense apart from it.
    So it is duality
    When seen and seer do not manifest only seeing is there then it is non dual.
    When totally insane then it is?


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