Hidden by Obviousness

It is hidden by its omnipresence and obviousness.

It is sought by all but found by none: It is there at all times; it is the act of looking for It that conceals Its reality.

It is a jokester: It is veiled by Its unveiling; It hides Itself by showing Itself.

There is no veil over the face of truth except the seeker of truth. And yet!

The Sufi master has said, “It is not found by seeking; but only those who seek can find It.”

It has been said that the sight of It annihilates the seer; but what is annihilated if It alone is real!

No one returns from Its visit except a semblance of a man. It is a man who walks this world with a heart that’s beating in another world.

Whoever succeeds in finding the secret portal into that All-Seeing dimension, the portal that is at once in all places and at all times and available to all, that soul is eternally absorbed into that ever-present Origin.

The soul that seeks the portal to the lost paradise! Little does she know that she is the portal. But how can a door open itself? How can the eye see itself!

I am perplexed as to the nature of this transition from the dual to the nondual state. One goes from having a state to being stateless, from a land to a no-land. It is a change that involves no change at all!

When It looks in one’s direction, one is sucked out of this field to a place that is no-place and a time that has no time: It is not an elsewhere; it is that place that is everyone and in which I am everyone.

The throne of this cosmos is a dimensionless point in which all things and all times and all places coincide.

Now my friends! How can you find the place in which you already dwell?!

You cannot find what you already have. You can only recognize and see that you have it.

From that supreme perspective, heaven and hell are found to be in the same place and in fact the same thing; it is the obstructed view and lack of homogeneity in consciousness that conceals one and manifests the other.

This recognition, being a remembrance of a spiritual order, is the most precious gift one could ever receive. It is true enlightenment!

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