What is Nonduality: Perspectives on Nondual Realization

In nondual realization, there’s no phenomena experienced apart from pure or transcendental consciousness. There’s no me and you, no I set up against a world. So, it’s in that sense that it’s a non-worldly experience and not an other-worldly experience. There’s no such thing as another world; everything is here and now but only concealed by an apparent diversity of phenomena. In fact, the experience of being-human-in-the-world is nothing but a notion, a sheer idea having the same nature as that of a daydream; this very notion has apparently blocked the seeing of nonduality which is right in front of us and always present and available. … More What is Nonduality: Perspectives on Nondual Realization

Coming Across God

God is deaf; It is blind; It is dull, dark, and dumb. Ears and eyes and wit are windows to what’s outside of oneself. But there’s nothing outside of God, so God, mind you, is deaf; It is blind; It is dull, dark, and dumb. When I came across God, It perceived me not, for … More Coming Across God

Already Free

Phenomenological attitude is where I go for vacation. It’s an all-included package for free. It’s not mental, not intellectual, not even human attitude; it’s rather a spiritual perspective on the stream of experience effected by a shift from what I’m not but have accepted to be (i.e. human) to what I truly am but have … More Already Free

Prison Break

I have become world-loose again; warm and detached, I am nearing the sun that melts the shackles of these cunning appearances. I have a foot out, a foot in; an illusive essence and a human mask, a wavelength and a momentum. I’m not in the world, and not of it, at least tonight. The world … More Prison Break