Science admits: Big Bang hasn’t happened yet and you are not real

None of what you see is real. According to the law of quantum theory, our universe is only real from the inside. For an outsider, it cannot have happened yet. You can step outside of the universe and see for yourself. For real! Meditation will take you there if you do it right and enough. … More Science admits: Big Bang hasn’t happened yet and you are not real

My Perennials

I see, and I see from a dimension into which no creature can look. I roll in plain sight but who is to see my face! What keeps me concealed from view is the pure simplicity of my nature. What brings me into view is the pure simplicity of your nature. Some have sought me … More My Perennials

Books on Nonduality

According to nondualism, there is no mental, no physical—no separation between creator and creation. There is only one universe comprising manifestations of the same indivisible reality that is both the observed and the observer. Nondual Perspectives on Quantum Physics is about stunning similarities in the descriptions of this underlying reality provided by science, spirituality, and … More Books on Nonduality

The Eternal Bliss

When we stop outsourcing happiness and well-being from outside of ourselves we realize that our spirit has all that we need and much more; and in fact so much more that we can’t help but overflow with a contagious joy, a joy that expands and touches all the hearts around us. This joy shining from … More The Eternal Bliss