Phenomenological attitude is where I go for vacation. It’s an all-included package for free. It’s not mental, not intellectual, not even human attitude; it’s rather a spiritual perspective on the stream of experience effected by a shift from what I’m not but have accepted to be (i.e. human) to what I truly am but have forgotten (i.e. spirit).

It’s a vacation that transcends extension and duration. You get there in no time as it’s timeless. And you don’t need to leave home as it is already home.

In fact, you’re already in it, sitting by the shores of infinite bliss under the loving rays of the eternal sun; but you’ve chosen to dwell in the nightmare of your own illusions.

The judge has put no bail on you; your thinking is the only condition you’ve put on your freedom. So come with me, step into the phenomenological attitude and see that hell is only your skewed perception of heaven.

You are already free.