Coming Across God

God is deaf; It is blind; It is dull, dark, and dumb. Ears and eyes and wit are windows to what’s outside of oneself. But there’s nothing outside of God, so God, mind you, is deaf; It is blind; It is dull, dark, and dumb.

When I came across God, It perceived me not, for my coming-across-God was nothing outside of God but only a mode of God.

But I knew with an unparalleled certainty that I had come across God, for at that moment I was myself the coming-across-God of God Itself. I was God, Myself, and the very act of coming-across Itself.

And I tell you the truth, that the certainty in a man’s recognition of himself in the mirror pales in comparison to the certainty by which I recognized Myself in God and God in Myself.

3 thoughts on “Coming Across God

  1. Well, this was a tough one to read. Actually shocking to speak of God as deaf and dumb. I think I understand where you are coming from, but still jarring. Maybe I’m a bit slow today. On the other hand, from your work I trust what you know. Great writing!

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    1. Thanks for your comment Maury. It was for me also rare reflection on my experience. When I wrote I related back to the experience as something like the state of consciousness of a child in the womb maybe. Pure undifferentiated, deaf in the sense of perfect peace and quiet, and dumb in the sense of no activity of intelligence and not lack of it, so the intelligence doesn’t reach out of itself objectifying, etc. It was mostly a way of emotionally relating to that experience and not so much an actual identification of god as really deaf or dumb. I hope what I said made sense 🙂


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