Samsara is Nirvana

I am not of this world. If I were how could I know the world as world? How could I know worldliness if I were not that upon which worldliness is superimposed?

Beliefs bind us, and that keeps us sane. Human finitude can’t handle the divine infinitude. Man must die and rise as Atman in order to perceive the unbearable face of Brahman.

Everything that is is made by us to be what it is. We forget this ever since reality was divorced from consciousness. We are ourselves made by us. The fact that we can view ourselves as a personality suggests the existence of an element in us that transcends that personality, an element that can view us as a meaningful, synthetic whole called personality. As that transcendent element our relation to personality is always that of acceptedness. Personality is always superimposed on the consciousness-of-now by means of memories, emotions, and anticipations. We experience ourselves already coated with personality. Thus, we, the true, transcendental experiencers, could not be the same as the personality that we perceive.

We are always more than what we seem to be as the world is always less than what it seems to be. Chasing after the objects of desire we only get more desire and less satisfaction. Why? Because what we think the world has for us is always what we think. We attribute to the world that which is conceived within ourselves. It is not the world-object that gives us pleasure but rather the idea that “the object makes us whole.” So long as we are entangled with this idea we are never at peace, for the idea is always there whether we have all the world or not. And the moment we detach ourselves from that idea, then we are already whole without need of any objects whatsoever.

My dear, there is nothing wrong with this world. It is our passive addiction to ideas that brings suffering. Our bondage is not bondage to the world but bondage to our ideas about the world and ourselves in it.

We escape the infinitude of Being for the transient pleasures of finite beings, things of the world. Nirvana is to be one with the flux of Samsara rather than something inside Samsara. Things are, and that is that; there is nothing to be, nowhere to go, nothing to do, for we are totality itself. We struggle in this flow forgetting that we are the flow. And what is Samsara but Nirvana’s forgetfulness of its own nature. Look into the mirror of the self and remember your nature, I am that I am. World is wherever I am, what else is there to worry about if I am all that there is?

The Mind Boner

The mind has but one task, to project outwardly what rises within it. Mind throws the bone for us to bring it back. When we bring it back the mind will throw it again, and again, as this is its nature. So far as we look at the mind as our master we will be stuck in a never-ending chase after the bone. It always appears to us that mind has a purpose in doing so, that it will perhaps have a treat for us after all. This illusory appearance is what makes us chained in the vicious circle of pain and pleasure; this is the mechanism behind all addiction, and above all our addiction to the world.

Our freedom lies in the realization that we are the master, that it is the mind that is supposed to go after the bones we throw and not the other way around. Stop going after the bone; don’t mind the mind; let it throw all its bones; it will stop only after we stop. Stop and see that you are already is possession of all the treats promised by this tempting boner that is the mind. How did we forget that we were before the mind was?!

Wake Up! Remember Who You Are

I am not something that exists. I am not something that is known, nor the knower of anything. I am not someone who can be free, nor someone who can be happy. Instead, I am the very condition for the possibility of the existent, the known and the knower, the free and the happy. To be more precise:

I am existence itself. I am knowledge itself. I am freedom itself. I am happiness itself.

As knowledge of a defect does not make the knowledge itself defective, I too am untouched by all defects and imperfections though I may witness them day and night.

As knowledge of misery does not make the knowledge itself miserable, I too am free from all misery and lowliness though I may witness them day and night.

As knowledge of bondage does not entail the bondage of knowledge, I too am devoid of all bondage and ignorance though I may see nothing but them.

As knowledge of mortality does not make the knowledge itself mortal, I too am immune to all death and decay though I may witness them day and night.

I am perfect and pure, wise and immortal, free and happy, blessed and beautiful, for I am forever untouched by all that is unlike my nature: I am the Transcendental Witness.

I am the “I” in all of you. Remind yourself this truth: If you are bounded and miserable it is only because you say so.

You Are Pure and Infinite

Man is like a galaxy; at the center there is the black-hole, the divine center, whose infinitude keeps the whole constitution together and functioning. There is also the rotational motion producing a centrifugal force that constantly throws the galaxy out of itself. Rotation of the galaxy is the sign of its life; it is the cause of its separation from the central source,  for what throws a center out of itself is its rotation. Thus, rotation symbolizes The Fall. In the absence of rotation the galaxy collapses onto itself, into its central black-hole. However, it is the destiny of a galaxy to collapse onto its own center, to return to the origin.

It is not that human has undergone The Fall; the human state is The Fall. Life is the separation; the purpose of life should be the realization that separation is a separation in name and form only, that it is illusory; we are essentially never separated from that which constitutes our essence; we are not human in essence; we are essence in human.

When water is boiling droplets are formed jumping up and down at the surface. Human life is like the life of these droplets that are momentarily separated from the source but are always on their way back to the source: They arise from the source and go back to the source. When the droplet falls back into the water it is no more a droplet; there are no droplets in the water; there is only water, an indivisible whole. The cause of the existence of droplets is the boiling which signifies the divine ecstasy necessitated by divine infinitude. It is the task of man to realize that though he experiences itself as an isolated droplet but his essence is water: The droplet is water but water is not the droplet. Droplet is water constrained in space and time; it is its name and form that separates the droplet from the water. Thus, separation is always only in name and form; its essence always remains water. The goal of spiritual life is to transcend the names and forms and to realize the essence. This realization is the necessary and sufficient condition for universal peace.

Realize your essence, whether by love and devotion or by sheer force of the intellect. Reflect on the fact that why we feel good when we love but feel uneasy when we hate! Isn’t it because what we love and what we hate is essentially a part of ourselves, the universal Self?! Love is always love of the Self; hatred is always hatred toward the Self. And above all, knowledge is always Self-knowledge.

Ignorance is the root of all evil. Ignorance is not lack of literacy as knowledge is not the insatiable accumulation of mere information. There is more evil among today’s educated men than among yesterday’s peasants. A knowledge that leads to arrogance and a sense of superiority and entitlement is not true knowledge, for outward arrogance always reflects the inward ignorance. True knowledge is the knowledge of the Supreme Identity, that we are essentially united in our divine essence. Ignorance is not knowing that we are all one and the same.

When it comes to man whose essence is divine there is no gift better than true knowledge, for human knowledge, insofar as it is knowledge of absolute truth and not contingent fact, can unite all that there is. But at the same time there is nothing more dangerous than human ignorance, and this too is because of man’s divine essence, for man’s ignorance is in a sense god’s ignorance; nothing is more dangerous than an ignorant god since it has the totality under its spell. Imagine how destructive can a drunken god be?! Thus, if man’s knowledge can unite all that there is, man’s ignorance can destroy all that there is, and both in virtue of his divine essence. Realize that you are God in human disguise and throw away the petty desires and attachments; you are pure and infinite; nothing and no one can hurt you because there is nothing but you: You are all that there is.

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Silence and Solitude

I have come to go, to fly away, and do so forever. This going away, the feeling that this world, this embodiment, is a prison was always in me from the very beginning. I always felt claustrophobic in this existence. Family, friendship, relatives, culture and convention and conviction, I disliked all of it from the very beginning. I lived for a moment to come in which I disappear into thin air, at last free from the heavy burden of having to have a family and friends.

I have this tendency to doodle a lot when I am bored. I doodle aimlessly; but always at the end I would be surprised to find at the heart of all of my aimless doodling the shape of a flying bird. The flying bird shows up in all my work; I wouldn’t be able to draw a flying bird consciously; but what comes unconsciously is always that beautiful flying bird, as if my subconscious has to remind me of Sophia Perennis. And to fly, to go, is the love of my life. As a child I dreamed of going to space; people thought I wanted to be an astronaut; but I just wanted to go to space, to its remotest depths, and just float freely. I wished so that after I died they would shoot my body into deep space, so it can go forever, always going and going. This is what I desire: To go, to fly away, to be out of this suffocating existence whose worst nightmares are family and relatives and friends, etc.

My best hours, my happiest moments, are in silence and solitude. I hate to belong to anything, to anyone, to any idea, and even to myself. I am still counting down to that precious moment in which I will disappear into thin air. I love this life for its silence and solitude only; the rest is bad news.

I am that bird who is born to fly away, and never to settle down. Man is born inside a deep well, where family resides. His task is to climb up and free himself forever. There is a rope and that is my mantra. I wish to fly away and never to look back. I belong only in deep space with its absolute freedom. I have come to be liberated. What use is of this world with its family and gold! I want none of it; I need none of it. I am not of this world, for if I were I would not be born to fly away. And this wish I bore within me from childhood. I want only the intoxication of silence and solitude in which I know I am forever pure, infinite, and free, touched by nothing and no one, for I am the eternal lotus.

Science vs Religion & Truth

Science’s worst nightmare is metaphysics. Science came to say that everything metaphysics says is wrong and that science knows better! Let us compare the general outlines of what the two have had to say.

Metaphysics claims the supreme reality to be the only reality that exists:

Supreme Reality is Absolute and Infinite. Its unity and unicity relate to the Absolute; and its totality and plenitude relate to its infinitude. It is an uncaused cause; there is nothing outside it.

Science posits that physical reality is the only thing that exists: Physical Reality is the supreme reality of science. It is absolute, in the sense that physical reality exists independently of our consciousness of it. It is infinite, in the sense that it has no edges and no outside. It doesn’t need a cause outside itself; it just came into existence without any reason; it is uncaused. Everything that exists falls under this physical reality and explained by it. Everything is reducible to this physical reality since it is the foundation of all that there is.

Both science and metaphysics posit an absolute, uncaused reality to underlie everything; unity and unicity, totality and infinity, are the essential characteristics of this Supreme Reality that exists on its own; it doesn’t depend on us for its existence but we depend on it for our existence.

These two talk about one and the same thing; only adopting different terminology. One calls its spiritual reality and governed by an absolute principle called god; the other calls it physical reality governed by absolute principles called the laws of nature. The difference is only in names.

Science not only didn’t refute metaphysics but confirmed it even better than metaphysicists could ever do. Their battle has always been over authority and terminology.

A few totalitarian individuals sitting in elitist circles, whether academic or religious, determining what the people should accept as their truth. But neither science nor religion has any right to truth whatsoever, for their own legitimacy and authority is at the mercy of the mass’s acceptance of them. Both science and religion are creations of man, yet we are too stupid to see that our own creations have come to tell us how we are created!

Particularly science, it is just like a hammer that works well; but is functionality a reason to stand and say “the hammer is the truth?!” A hammer may be perfect, but its perfection is determined relative to me and my needs. Science is a mere tool for theoretical modeling motivated by practical needs; it has nothing to do with reality and truth. Science exists only in the minds of scientists; but according to this same science human consciousness is subjective and relative, and hence not a credible source of truth and determination of objective reality. If this is so, then how can science, a purely subjective phenomenon, make objective claims about reality?!

On the other hand, if we accept the scientific picture of man as a being like all animals, motivated only by personal interests satisfying his need to survive, if man’s life is all about survival in nature and all human works are manifestations of his survival instinct, then science too as one of man’s achievements should have been motivated by self-interest and the need to survival; then how can this science have any objective value at all? How can it give a picture of reality as it is while it is itself biased under the weight of personal interests and needs!?

Science’s account of man which relativizes mankind and his existence, which makes man as meaningless as the rest, is a suicide for science, for if man is so relative and unimportant, then how can his science have any value and meaning whatsoever?! A science that brings man down also brings itself down. Modern science is a perfect instance of self-refutation. When there are scientists this stupid to say that “free will doesn’t exist,” then how can one have the slightest respect for this science?! Not that I favor free will; but for someone to claim that free will doesn’t exist, his own assertion is a refutation of the assertion itself; if free will doesn’t exist, then this stupid man could not have possibly say so out of free will; he is made to say so and could not say otherwise; thus, his assertion that “free will doesn’t exist” is devoid of any objective, scientific value; and this falsifies that “there is no free will!” But we see many such claims coming out of the scientific community. Is this the state of current science and its scientists!? One may even wonder if science is just another superstition; it is just that we are historically in it an thinking it to be real and factual. Only later we will realize that we left the Dark Ages only to enter into a darker one. When it comes to modern science and its fanatic followers who don’t allow themselves to think for themselves, one can only say: The outward arrogance is the reflection of inward ignorance.

The case of science and religion and the fanaticism that surrounds both of them indicate how people over and over again fall into the trap of letting themselves being determined by their own determinations.

Science can never tell me who I am, for I made science what it is.

Thinking for yourself, you must realize that you can never be anything that you are told to be, for you cannot be at once what you accept to be and the one doing the accepting.

We are what we have accepted to be. This is the truth to be realized.