Love your Fears

Keeping your worst fears at a distance will always keep you in fear. Instead, if you muster the courage to invite your fears into your embodied self, your experience of them will undergo the following 5-fold transformations:

Unpleasant, painful, excruciating, unbearable, funny

Fear is a mask worn by your disowned parts in order to draw your attention so that you may someday let them return home. What resolves the tension between you and your fears is not further separation but a radical self-love and integration. Courage is not the absence of fear; it is being one with fear.

Fear is the unrecognized face of the joker, your best friend. So, love and hug your fears.

2 thoughts on “Love your Fears

  1. Noemaya, I hope people read it couple of times & hug their fears though it is a natural, powerful primitive human emotion The trigger for it is the threat of harm or some unpleasant events. I feel to take everything as a blessings in disguise is a practical solution I do it often successfully with Divine grace.

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