We Are Home

We came upon a face concealed in the field,

One which sees in all directions but is itself unseen.

Our ride was an unborn longing, our journey long and burning,

our company a scant scent from the farthest land, and a thousand faces of the Self in the shattered mirror of the heart.

Now we have arrived! We have seen the unseen with a seeing of the highest order! We have known a seeing that sees with eyes wide shut, that in comparison to which this human sight is sheer blindness.

We have arrived at that overwhelming face whose piercing glance extinguished all longing and restlessness.

Oh friends of truth! This unborn longing has an end; this field has a face, and this heart bears a truth.

This truth is no fiction or theory. Yes the mind is unfit to grasp it as a chalice is unfit to receive the ocean. Yet, there is an all-seeing eye in the heart of man that if steered precisely toward the concealed dimension, can illumine the majestic Face of that ever-present and yet unseen Reality.

This unveiling of the apparently veiled is an experience accessible to all, but an experience that in principle cannot be described, for the perfect homogeneity of such state of consciousness eludes all description, no more than the perfect homogeneity of the mirror image of that state, which is dreamless sleep, can be put into language.

This is the mystery of all mysteries: we have arrived home, a home we never left.

The golden vessel keeps its secret by laying it in plain sight.

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