All my life I had been plagued with a fundamental need to know, to know not in quantities but that by knowing which everything else is known.

And one night the Great Void reached out and took me into the Open and told me the great secret, and then I knew. Now I have come to know the great secret, that there is really nothing to know.

All my life I had been fooled and bewildered by my own false belief in my ignorance, that I were a this or a that. All that life I had been captivated by the false belief that there is something to know, that there’s a mystery to be solved, a life to be saved and a truth to be realized.

Oh, all my life I had fooled myself. Now I know that there is nothing to know and there is nothing left undone, and I earned this knowledge by sweat and blood and not on a loan from the idols of faith and speculation. What I know I have seen and I have seen what I know.