There is Nothing to Know

All my life I had been plagued with a fundamental need to know, to know not in quantities but that by knowing which everything else is known.

And one night the Great Void reached out and took me into the Open and told me the great secret, and then I knew. Now I have come to know the great secret, that there is really nothing to know.

All my life I had been fooled and bewildered by my own false belief in my ignorance, that I were a this or a that. All that life I had been captivated by the false belief that there is something to know, that there’s a mystery to be solved, a life to be saved and a truth to be realized.

Oh, all my life I had fooled myself. Now I know that there is nothing to know and there is nothing left undone, and I earned this knowledge by sweat and blood and not on a loan from the idols of faith and speculation. What I know I have seen and I have seen what I know.

3 thoughts on “There is Nothing to Know

  1. The Ox and the Oxherder Are Both Forgotten

    Since space has collapsed, how can obstacles remain?

    Could a snowflake survive inside a burning flame?

    You cheerfully come and go: How could you not always laugh?

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  2. ..And moksha is a farce ( just my thought).

    People say that with true realisation of the Self comes moksha and you remain in the Supreme peace for eternity. I have bit of a trouble with this. If you realise your true self and attain moksha, is it guaranteed for sure that you won’t forget the true nature of yourself again and plunge into samsaara again. If it happens, then the cycle repeats (endlessly) between ignorance and gnana and you never really attain moksha. If it doesn’t happen and you indeed attain the true gnana for eternity, then there is no reason for my egoic self to exist now with all its ignorance it has now. It should have never existed in the first place.

    Your thoughts ?

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    1. I mostly definitely agree with you. So there is moksha but when you realize it you realize there isn’t muksha. It is a paradoxical state of affairs. Surely no realized person will be in eternal peace. Because in Moksha you realize the true nature and essence of your existence which is Brahman; this doesn’t remove your human aspect which is a stage for strife and struggle. A realized man will still experience his human aspect, will laugh and cry and enjoy and suffer, but he woulnd’t dwell on them or get caught up in them as before because he knows they are not fundamentally true. A sage points to this reality in Vasistha Yoga telling Rama “See even the realized Vasisthat weeps at the death of his son.” You can realize the truth and see your nature but you are still driving a human vehicle, and any vehicle has its ups and downs and maintenance problems. Some mystics call the pains and pleasures of realized souls as necessary but momentary but disorientations in which they forget the true nature; and this is necessary because it is still a human experience. Eternal peace and human experience cannot coexist. even during Moksha where there is eternal peace, the human aspect and the whole universe vanishes so there is really no human experience anymore in that duration until Brahman falls back (as it were) into human experience. This is my take on it 🙂

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