The Passing

All things pass but the passing.

All things appear and disappear in the passing, but the passing itself neither appears nor disappears.

The Real is neither a this nor a that, neither a here nor a there; The Real is this passing, and this passing is all that is real. Truth is a verb.

This passing is eternal, for it transcends time; time is itself something in the passing and not the passing something in time. The eternal is not that which last indefinitely but that which is altogether outside time and free of lasting and prolongation.

In this passing all things are constantly passing away, for that which is born must pass away; that which begins must end. But the Passing has no beginning, so how can it have an end!

The Passing is the real nature of all things.

Whoever sets foot in the Passing must pass away. No reflection lasts in this turbulent sea of the Passing.

When the Truth looks into the Passing, the Passing looks back at the Truth, and looks back as Man, as the disfigured God. The face of Truth is concealed in the Passing.

The Passing is Truth. The fall of man was in truth the fall of God: It fell in the Passing and became human.

Man is nothing but God in the Passing.

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