Geometry of Spiritual Journey

I started off as a triangle, rough corners and somewhat immobile. I then made a transition to a square for the sake of more symmetry; from there I became a pentagon, then a hexagon, and so on.

Clearly the more vertices I pick up the less sharp they become; I’m giving up the sharpness of one corner for more corners of less sharpness. Along the way it may seem I’m losing quality to gain in quantity, much to the contempt of the Perennialists. But look where I’m headed! I’m destined to be a circle, no corners and no sharpness. Then I can roll happily ever after.

My end is perfection in form and homogeneity in consciousness.
But every circle points to a center which is the metaphysical principle of the circle and of all forms. Now I see that I’m not even the circle. I’m the center, the principle, the first cause of all things. I’m a point and I have always been a point; I was there at the center when the triangle appeared, and I witnessed the evolution of the triangle into a square, and of the square into a pentagon, and so on.

My co-forms! There is no spiritual journey as there

I’m not touched or defiled by the becoming of forms; I’m at once the principle and witness of all becoming: The forms appearing around me like waves, are nothing but my thoughts, for I am the contemplative One: As the dimensionless center, I am the unmoved mover.

My co-forms! There is no spiritual journey; there is no lost paradise. There is only the pure act of witnessing, and all this journey before you is nothing but a thought.

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