A refined soul is developed by proximity to refined things, by being around other refined souls, by seeking its meaning in refined art and literature, in refined music and cinema. The soul, like a plant to the sun, grows and blossoms by being exposed to beauty, and it crumples and degenerates when it is surrounded by the ugly.
The soul mimics what it sees the most; it takes the form of its container and environment.
Junk stimulants such as what makes up a big chunk of recent music and of what is found in Hollywood, Netflix and what not, all of this like junk food of the body, does no good but harm the soul.
As a poor diet destroys the health and effective mobility of the body, a poor diet of the soul, that is, bad company, inferior music and literature, and pretty much everything the entertainment industry has to offer, does no good but destroy the health and effective vitality of the human spirit.
But it’s the nature of this yuga that men and woman find so much pride in their physical diet and self-care while being completely oblivious to the health of their souls, wallowing with ignorant bliss in corrupt and degenerate spiritual states, thin and healthy
on the outside but obese and immobile inside.
Stay refined my friend!