Seeing is not what it seems to be

Seeing is not what it seems to be. The blind man comes into contact with objects one at a time; when he gains sight he sees them all at once. Then he knows that what he touched was more than the touched. He can also see his touching. Before, he could only know himself part by part but now he sees himself all at once. I tell you this, that the everyday seeing of ours is nothing but a touch compared to the Seeing by which God is seen. This seeing is a veil to be torn apart by That Seeing. In fact, we are not seeing until we see God. And until we see God we can only think that we know, but once we see Him we know that we know: His face is His proof.

Seek that Seeing that is seeing your seeing.

2 thoughts on “Seeing is not what it seems to be

  1. when i read the post though mentally i recollect few verses from Bhagavad Gita and place below the similarities expressed. the I referred in BG is consciousness or supreme truth. ref Swami Chinmayananda Ji.
    7. He, who in truth knows these manifold manifestations of My
    being (Macrocosm) , and (this) YOGA -power of Mine
    (Microcosm) , becomes established in the “tremorless -YOGA ”
    ; there is no doubt about it.
    8. I am the Source of All; from Me everything evolves;
    understanding thus, the “wise, ” endowed with ‘loving
    consciousness’ worship Me.
    9. With their minds wholly resting in Me, with their senses
    absorbed in Me, enlightening one another, and ever speaking of
    Me, they are satisfied and delighted.
    10. To the ever-steadfast, worshipping Me with love, I give the
    “BUDDHI YOGA, ” by which they come to Me.
    11. Out of mere compassion for them, I, dwelling within their
    hearts, destroy the darkness born of ignorance by the luminous
    20. I am the Self, O Gudakesha, seated in the hearts of all beings;
    I am the Beginning, the Middle and also the End of all beings.
    36. I am the gambling of the fraudulent; I am the splendour of
    the splendid; I am victory; I am the industry (in those who are
    determined) ; I am the goodness in
    the good.

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