The Fountain of Now

The experience of the moment is the same in all of us; it is our own psychological colorings that make it appear as something personal, attached to a definite past and a possible future. When we disentangle the moment from the ideas of past and future, when we see it afresh, as if we had just appeared in a safe magic land, then we find infinite joy stored for us. The moment is never part of our life, an external condition, because our life as an external condition is itself something conceived of and known in the moment. In fact, external condition is what we bring into the moment through thoughts and recollections, thoughts and recollections that consume the infinite energy of pure presence.

It is our ideas of past and future that suck in the infinite energy so to fuel their presence in our lives. The moment is infinitely greater than the sum of the past and the future, for past and future are both conceived and referred to only in the moment. This moment has never been here and will never be here again. Yet passively we sell it for the thought of moments we can’t have right now.

Imagine the mental and spiritual energy that goes in to holding together a character and its life story through a bundle of personal narratives; this infinite energy is shooting up from the now but almost always dissipated by the narratives that attach us to a definite past and a possible future. Memories and anticipations which create regrets and desires are constantly feeding on the fountain of now. Imagine this whole energy stayed in the moment and channeled into your spirit; then we know infinite joy, for we are in the God-Vortex. God is that moment.

4 thoughts on “The Fountain of Now

  1. dear Tomajji. where i lack is can’t end feeding on the fountain of now so loose this whole energy of the moment . i don’t even know what is to be channeled into my spirit because the liking towards my personality is highly strong and i do not indulge in spiritual practice like meditation etc. earlier i believed in meeting mystic who by his touch will relieve me from mind body recognition but i am sure now this can’t happen unless i am at work.

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    1. It is the ego that is blocking this channeling and hence pushing it towards past and future. We all experience this abundant energy for example when we’re absorbed in listening to a music we really like; notice that at such moments our ego is mostly absent; we have become the very act of listening; the same hold for dance, etc. These things bring our focus back to the now and that is why all people naturally enjoy some music. When we’re absorbed in what we are doing we are more present, and closer to the fountain.

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