The Sole Dweller of The Void

What is the human receptacle but a prism that refracts the pure light of the One into the rainbow of infinite divine possibilities, the phenomenal world!

This world is lit and known with the light of a consciousness that comes from without and passes through within man.

Where I am not, the world too is not

But wherever I am, whether in dream or not, there always is a world lit,

Lit for me, through me, by the One, and in the One

What is light?!

Light is the invisible that makes visible.

Look around you: Where there is light you see everything except light itself. Where there is no light you see nothing. But light itself! No one has ever seen it, neither you nor the physicist, for light is that which makes manifest but itself remains unmanifest. The outer space is filled with light but is always dark! What is there to be lit except the giants?! None.

We have naively come to believe that it is us who are conscious of the world, little knowing that it is the One who is conscious of us being conscious of the world. It is in the light of his eternal glance that we see and see that we see.

This world, this impossible maze, is nothing but void lit when the light of consciousness is refracted by the Mind.

This world of objects and egos is all in the Mind of the One, as the dream world of objects and egos is all the one dreaming mind: The One is the conscious One; we are the subconscious many.

And where is the One?!

World is in the sight, not sight in the world,

The world that I see is within the seeing. Then, where is the seeing itself!

If I am seeing the world, then who is seeing my seeing!

The I is not in the world; it is the world that is in the eye, and the eye in the I.

The One is not anywhere; it is the where that is in the One

The One is all that there is

The face of the One:

The One that is in front of you, the One that you mistake for the world, that One is neither an object nor a subject; It is that within which subject and object are the Yin and the Yang: That One is your very seeing itself. That invisible within which everything is made visible. That one is a verb my friend.

We see the world in the face of the One

How can one see the One and not recognize it? The One is the one who is always already known and recognized: The One is the most self-evident one. Now, what is that which we always recognize at the sight of it? It is not the seen, the heard, the imagined and the thought; it is that through which the seen, the heard, the imagined and the thought come to be:

The One is the very seeing itself, the very hearing itself, the very thinking itself, … in and through which this world is what it is.

The One is the Heraclitean Flux of pure consciousness within which this world appearance makes its first and final appearance.

To see the One as the One and not as the world the seeker must not look into the world. Cosmos is in the world; heaven and hell are in the world; gods and prophets, angels and demons, minds and brains, religions and traditions, sciences and philosophies are all of the world and in the world; but the One is not in the world: The One is the very Being of the world itself; it is neither inside nor outside it, for inside and outside too are all in the world.

The One cannot be found by looking; the One is the very looking itself.

How can the One be found when there is nothing but the One!

Who is to look? Who is to be found? And where?

Where there is only one thing nothing can be found by looking 

To see the One the seeker must look into the seeing itself, into the hearing itself, into the thinking itself, into the ceaseless stream of consciousness. That is where the piercing eyes of the One, The Sole Dweller of the Void, are concealed by the veil of the world. The one who sees the One must die.

Stare into the unforgiving abyss of looking

Die as the one and rise as the One

7 thoughts on “The Sole Dweller of The Void

    1. Well, I meant to say he is not a thing. He is identified with the pure act of creation, with Being itself. Creative activity. I thought verb may summarize this. It is really inexpressible.

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  1. Great post! “The one who sees the One must die.” That line made me do a double-take. Wow. And now I have to look up Husserl’s T.P. A lot of fun making new connections. Cheers!

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