Dated September 26th, 2013

It has appeared to me that all things have undergone a reversal of meaning. Morality is not the only case of this reversal. Meanings of all things have been inverted. I am very much curious to know about the cause of this reversal of all meanings.

Reality has precedence and is absolute, while consciousness is antecedent and emergent. While things are the other way around, consciousness being the absolute and reality being the emergent phenomenon.

Our world is not in need of more philanthropists; our world is not in need of more human and environmental activists. Our world needs no more stitching of this dysfunctional whole with loose fibers of an old rationality. Our world needs no more UNGAs, for the cost of flushing the shit of world leaders can still feed an innumerous unfed. And our world needs no more empathy of its West for its East or of anyone else for that matter. We need no more reporters of people’s misery and misfortune; we need no more analysts and readers and pseudo-intellectuals who consume our timelines like crawling worms feeding their inverted egos.

Our world is inverted because the men and women of our age all of sudden have become concerned about the rest of the world, forgetting their own decaying minds and thoughts: An age in which the grand reversal of values, the machines for the mass production of images and profiles, made every so-called educated person into an accountant of pains and poverties of the rest of the world rather than an active agent dismissing of a time wasted on rotting chairs.

Everything of our world is inverted in its meaning; its good and evil, its better and worse, its rich and poor, and above all its thinking. The reversal of its morals shook the insight of Nietzsche; but in our world the world itself, too, is inverted. It is in such a world that our empathy is more dangerous than our apathy, for it can exceed the latter in its power of destruction. Our world is a world of speculative thinkers: But how did the rational core of true thinking transform into the erotic speculations of those who think that they think, and worst of all rationally?!

Our world is in need of a new rationality, a rationality grounded in and capable of respecting the absolute given: The human consciousness. Our world is in need of a new rationality standing on the absolute truth of human intuition, on the strict relevancy and subordination of our sciences and philosophies to the needs of human existence. Our world is in need of a new rationality which was born by that philosopher of change but hijacked by the accelerating pace of our positive sciences, by Reformation and the French revolution, by the careless polarization of the world into the West and the East.

A rationality incapable of filling the gap between the axioms of pure mathematics and the positive facts of that inverted rationality is no rationality at all. A rationality in which the world is the ground and consciousness its emergent property is no rationality at all. A rationality that can’t validate itself on its own grounds is no rationality at all.

Our world is way past the point of making possible the project of the Genealogy of Morals: Our world is in need of a genealogy of our suspicious rationality.

This world is both upside down and inside out; no wonder we cannot find our way back to the ground.

“Don’t invest in people; people are broke. Invest in yourself; you are not people.”