Truth & Madness

Dated August 21st, 2013

The question rose, in spite of my instinctual optimism, whether humanity and its civilization was essentially masochistic and self-destructive! Aside from its limitless consumption of its own limited resources, which is just a soft touch compared to what follows, I find above all most destructive the pursuit of knowledge. The destructive element here is that this whole pursuit of knowledge, starting from antiquity, is motivated by this prejudice, that certainty is essentially better and superior to uncertainty. How is this prejudice and preference justified I don’t know! What is clear is that the systematic pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and not necessarily for human practical purposes is charged with this preference for certainty over uncertainty. And such preference is sought to its highest degree such that we’re not even content to some relative or practical level of certainty; rather, truth, the real truth, ought to be that which enjoys APODICTIC certainty. The achievement of this APODICTIC certainty is the ultimate goal of any true science or philosophy if it’s to be firmly grounded in evidence. Now, the very fact that it’s a pursuit implies that the truth is not yet known; even if we have some vague idea of our orientation and methodology, we never know beforehand the exact nature of the truth we’re going to attain, for otherwise the pursuit would not be necessary at all.

Now the problem is this: We, as stubborn scientists and philosophers, are after some apodictic truth and we never know beforehand what it will turn out to be. What if, just assuming, and what if we come upon such apodictic truth and know it apodictically such that there is no way to turn away from it or to ignore it, and what if it turns out that the truth is that it’s all bullshit, that it was all from the very beginning our own constructs, intellectual traps, that really the whole world and everything in it, including the questions, truths, doubts, certainties and uncertainties, cosmos, god, and everything that can possibly exist or not exist, was put there by ourselves! Let’s just assume; we then see as truth that it was all just a carrot on a stick and we were the stick, and even our stickness was put there by ourselves. We come to see apodictically that we were nothing from the beginning but a constituting thing, which cannot itself be or become anything because it is itself the origin and condition of thingness, and we realize that our being is in fact our constantly constituting nature and nothing else; and part of what we have constituted, namely showing up as our human selves, has immersed itself in the rest of our constitutions as if we were really out there in the world!

What if we come to see and grasp all this apodictically?! There is no way of turning back; there is no way of unseeing and unlearning what we’ve seen and learnt. What if our pursuit of certain and apodictic knowledge leads to the point I just mentioned?! We don’t know if it won’t, but if it does then we’re fucked in the strictest sense of the word. Would we then rather not know anything with absolute certainty, wishing we had never initiated that masochistic and irreversible journey which consisted in undermining the certainties we had in search of those we didn’t! It’s too late now, for apodictic certainty by its nature can’t be erased or undone. Then are we ready to embrace this new species of madness and psychosis, to forget that we now know that it’s all nonsense, especially that we now know that it was all things of our own making and doing! So you insatiable mankind, beware of what you ask for, or else the real, terminal psychosis could be your next and last moment.

6 thoughts on “Truth & Madness

  1. dear i have come across many person who embark on vedanta and advaita land in lunatic asylum, many reason can be attributed but actualising advaita while living in the world is blessing. you have already written on it.

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    1. I think the important point is that people must also go through purification of body and mind or else they either cannot realize it or will go crazy. I too need much purification in all aspects, otherwise it is not easy to be conscious of truth 24/7 in the world we live.


  2. Can apodicticity survive thermal equilibrium – maximum entropy – the “heat death” of the universe? Sic transit gloria mundi.

    BTW reading Sokolowski, Intro to Phenomenology now, thanks for the tip.

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  3. I must abide by the rules of the game, even if I know that the game I am playing here is not real.The problem it seems is, not all the people know the game is unreal, and they either do not seem to care or do not open their minds enough.
    They all take it far too seriously, as if their sustenance depend on it. Well my so called ‘sustenance’, as I know it, depend on it as well, so I must play to their game, for if I do not play the game, I must reject this game,and the game playing field, like Ramana, and thousand others, and I simply do not have enough guts to do it :).
    Let me confess, mere intellectual knowledge as in my case is a pseudo-knowing, and has the potential to terrify me, which it slightly does sometimes. But then I give in to the wisdom of the divine intelligence, the supreme ultimate, for it knows what works best for me, and when. Till then, I will continue to contemplate on the wisdom of one of those many thousands that write here.

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    1. I agree with you. Theoretical knowledge is only like a shadow of real knowledge. True knowing, which is identical with true being, comes from direct experience not mental entertainment of thoughts and ideas about Truth and Reality.


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