Truth & Intelligence

We superimpose our human rigidity on God, making Him judgmental and ourselves fearful. While we must fear God, our fear of Him should be a humbling awe with utmost veneration before His infinitude rather than a childish fright before His revengeful wrath. We, and especially we religious and spiritual people, and even more so myself, … More Truth & Intelligence

The Inverted World

Dated September 26th, 2013 It has appeared to me that all things have undergone a reversal of meaning. Morality is not the only case of this reversal. Meanings of all things have been inverted. I am very much curious to know about the cause of this reversal of all meanings. Reality has precedence and is … More The Inverted World

The Symbolism of Yin-Yang & The Cross

Yin-Yang is a symbol for the projection of the principle into the plane of existence in the form of apparently opposing but essentially complementary tendencies. Yin-Yang signifies unity within diversity. It is a universal archetype for the infinite aspect of the principle in which all manifestations are prefigured. The Absolute being infinite already contains within … More The Symbolism of Yin-Yang & The Cross

Addiction to the World

Man is addicted to the world. Modernism was the last enabler. Postmodernism is the leading cause of man’s overdose on world. Postmodernism is man’s rock bottom; it is the lowest we could ever go; it is the ultimate demise of the intellect whose worst symptom is the now fashionable atheism. Postmodernism is where man would do … More Addiction to the World