Here I am

A dervish was tempted by the devil to cease calling upon God, on the grounds that God never answered “Here I am.” The prophet Khadir appeared to him in a vision with a message from God: “Was it not I who summoned thee to my service? Was it not I who made thee busy with my … More Here I am

Timed & Veiled

Past and future veil God from our sight; burn up both of them with fire. How long wilt thou be partitioned by these segments, like a reed? So long as a reed is partitioned, it is not privy to secrets, nor is it vocal in response to lip and breathing. Jalal-uddin Rumi

The Inexpressible

Everywhere you look you see the face of God; blessed be the one who sees the face and not the world. This world is nothing whatsoever; it is all God. We think we see the world; little do we know that seeing the world is epidemic blindness, for in seeing the world we fail to … More The Inexpressible