The Direct Vision of Truth

What are the things that characterize human life? What is the wish of all men and women?

There are three things that characterize human, three objects for which all men and women strive and which have shaped the course of human civilization:

1) Knowledge, in the sense of an answer to the questions “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?”

2) Immortality, eternal existence.

3) Happiness, a state in which all needs and wants are satisfied.

All human attempts and accomplishments have a motivation in one or more of the above. To make it short, the three ideals of human life constitute a three-fold structure, a trinity: Existence-Knowledge-Bliss.

The intensity by which man strives for the attainment of these goals is suggestive: Man is running after the very things he has never fully tasted, things not even possible to attain! How can man long for something he has never had? Or has he not?! He chases these as if they were taken away from him, as if he knows them very well and knows that they belong to him, for he never ceases the chase even after thousands of failures. Without all three of them, existence-knowledge-bliss, man is still lacking something; he is not yet fully satisfied. He must have Existence-Knowledge-Bliss together and at once.

What is ironic is that Advaita Vedanta of Hinduism, one of the oldest metaphysical systems, is found on a principle known as the Supreme Identity. It states that the true Self of man is one and the same as the essence of the ultimate reality called Brahman: Man is essentially divine. The supreme reality is indivisible, unmanifest, impersonal, infinite, and absolute; it has no attributes and cannot be defined. However, the seers, those mystics who have directly perceived it, say that this Brahman, the ultimate truth which is the essence of man, is of the nature of Satchidananda. Satchidananda, the best and the only word in Hinduism that characterizes the divine essence which is man’s original state, is a Sanskrit compound that means exactly this: Existence-Knowledge-Bliss. 

It is important to understand that Advaita Vedanta in particular, and Hinduism in general, is not a religion in the limited sense of the word used in the West as faith-based dogma. It is neither some speculative philosophy developed based on prejudice. Advaita Vedanta is a scientific-metaphysical system founded upon empirical evidence and direct perception of the philosophers; its methods and findings enjoy a mathematical precision and an intellectual intuition still too lofty and abstract for the western scientist to grasp and digest. The penetrating intelligence of its philosophers was never seen before and not seen ever after. The goals that western sciences and philosophies never attained as regard the answers to human existential questions, was directly perceived and known by the Indian philosophers of more than 2000 years ago. What all men and women of all ages have sought is known by the Advaitist to be already in man’s possession, all answers dwelling in man’s own heart. All answers are expressed in one phrase:

Satchidananda: Existence-Knowledge-Bliss

11 thoughts on “The Direct Vision of Truth

  1. dear Tomajji. i affirm my reverence and love for exposing sat-chit-ananda. it is unfortunate to say that the present day academically educated and wealth grabbing politicians of India are fully equipped in destroying the system in which every indian of any caste and status received the knowledge of satchitananda without much expense.
    my sincere thanks Javed.

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  3. Dear Toomaj ji,
    Of late, it has been haunting me that the current day Research Methods taught in universities highly depend on philosophical debates of Greece, and completely disregard the Eastern, Advaita and Buddhist Philosophies. Some of them are unfortunately, branded as religions, which is inaccurate.

    In a recent paper of mine, ‘Reflections on Artificial Intelligence – A Hermeneutic Journey’, ACIS 2014, I have mentioned that great values can be derived by recognizing unity, and holism (yin-yang).

    Probably, persons of your calibre may be able to bring to light to the academic literature to accept these eastern philosophies which are much older and richer to the divisive compartments of western thought.

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    1. Dear Motamarri, I very much agree with you and must say that it is my goal to do so as much as I can. Unfortunately academic circles are too biased now and they have gone astray in their researches; they lack objectivity which makes it difficult for us to introduce new ideas. But I am certain that this wont last because western science is at the verge of a collapse only to be saved by guidance from Eastern traditions. My goal is to show how these traditions can address the modern problems, in both science and philosophy, in a way that has never been done before. I just hope it is not too late.


    2. Unfortunately the western intellect is of much lower capacity and flexibility than the Eastern, particularly Indo-Aryan intellect. What is considered science now will qualify as superstition only for the eastern philosopher. Thats why they cannot begin to grasp novel ideas.


    3. Dear Saradhi, if you don’t mind I would love to read your paper, the one you mentioned. I will see if I can access it through the internet.


      1. Dear Tomaj, the proceedings will be available in AISeL, probably the upload will take some more time from now. I am glad to send you a copy via email. I can reached on msaradhi-at-yahoo-dot-com.

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      2. Dear Saradhi, I think I found a copy online in ACIS. It is a very professional paper so it will take me some time to read it. But I am looking forward to it. I will email for questions about it. Thanks


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