Science admits: Big Bang hasn’t happened yet and you are not real

None of what you see is real. According to the law of quantum theory, our universe is only real from the inside. For an outsider, it cannot have happened yet. You can step outside of the universe and see for yourself. For real! Meditation will take you there if you do it right and enough. … More Science admits: Big Bang hasn’t happened yet and you are not real

The Face of Truth

“The face of Truth is concealed by a golden vessel. Do thou, O Sun, open it so as to be seen by me who am by nature truthful. O thou who art the nourisher, the solitary traveler, the controller, the acquirer, the son of Prajapati, do remove thy rays, do gather up thy dazzle. I … More The Face of Truth

Know Thyself

“Just as a mirror takes on the hues of images, so also the abstract Intelligence assumes the different shapes of objects, by virtue of its holding them within itself. Abstract Intelligence can thus be made manifest by eliminating from it all that can be known. It cannot be known as such and such, for it … More Know Thyself

The Last Illusion

At the closing of Mahabharata, seeing his enemies in heaven and his own family in hell Yudhishthira starts shouting at the gods and condemning their justice. This was the last waystation before he entered Sakina, the Great Peace at the heart of the Godhead. So the keeper of the last dwelling said to Yudhishthira: “Stop … More The Last Illusion