Being and Nothing Else


Nothing more can be said. One cannot conceptualize or reduce being into something else, for then one must first presume the Being of that to which Being is reduced or conceptualized.

Being cannot be defined, for there is nothing more fundamental than Being in terms of which Being can be defined. In defining something the Being of the definition is always presumed.

Being is always already assumed in all utterances, articulations, and conceptualizations.

One cannot even say that “Being is,” for this amounts to saying that “Being has Being” which is a return to Being itself.

Nothing can be said of Being.

Being, and then absolute silence.

Conceptual mind is the slaughter house for Being.

Conceptual thinking is the murder of Being, it is a genocide against the primordial and irreducible givenness of Being.

We can’t even say “Being” as a way of articulating Being, because Being can’t be articulated, for all articulation must first have Being before it is an articulation.

Nothing can be said of Being, and Being can never be articulated: All articulation of Being is non-Being.

All suffering and misery of mankind come from his vain attempts at the articulation of Being.

Thus, man must let go of concept and just let Being, for war is always the war of concepts held by concepts and for the sake of concepts.

Let Being.


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