United States of Consciousness

Pure Being is the ground state of consciousness.

World is the excited state of consciousness.

Dream is the most excited state of consciousness.

The more excited consciousness is, the less stable its phenomenal structures become.

Ground state of consciousness is the most stable, thus eternal state.

World-time which is a threefold structure is caused by the transition from the ground state to the first excited state, the world. Thus, embodiment and mortality are world phenomena due to the way time is experienced.

Ground state time doesn’t have a threefold structure; it is not a passage; it has no before and no after; it has not come and doesn’t go; it is not born and doesn’t die. Mortality, embodiment, name and form, don’t make any sense in the ground state: Ground state offers only immortality and bliss.

It is possible to fall unto the ground state of consciousness; one must just let go of that which keeps consciousness excited, namely conceptualization and identification. No austerity, ritual, hardship, or prayer is necessary whatsoever, for these all all concepts, and hence obstacles on the way. What takes you there is the intense desire to get there; this is all that is needed: Long and yearn for the truth and the truth is yours.

A mere glance of this state is enough to make man give up the world and everything it can ever offer him.

Fall my friend, leave and fall, fall and leave.

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