World Is A Face

World, we think of it as a collection of objects; but there is a special angle, concealed to most, from which one sees that the world is really a face. In other words, when we see the world we are in fact not seeing. Human perception is a case of epidemic blindness when it comes … More World Is A Face

Let There Be God

Of all our human traits and capacities none is closer to and more worthy of God than our silence, for any act or utterance takes away from the inexpressible splendor of truth. The essence of spiritual life is about becoming so little and quiet that nothing but truth remains to be seen or heard. Thus, … More Let There Be God

The Last Veil

Between man and truth lie only his own ideas and expectations of truth. One who is obsessed with endless talks and descriptions of truth, the truth which is by nature inexpressible, only adds more veils to the path toward truth. Language which works by way of concepts and conceptualizations is precisely that which lies in … More The Last Veil

Pursuit of Our Dreams

There is nothing that cannot be achieved through concentration. In all esoteric traditions in which the aspirant is initiated into the way for the attainment of truth the most important requirement is the intense longing for the goal. It and it alone if held with consistency brings about the result. This though first appearing as … More Pursuit of Our Dreams