The Rules of Maya

Form is the sound of essence. This universe is the vibration of the unmanifest.

The truth is veiled in all obviousness. It is there but we fail to recognize it. It is much like when you get so caught up and excited with your pair of aces in poker that you fail to see the flush on the table. It’s there in front of us but our mind is elsewhere.

Reality can be viewed as composed of degrading states of knowledge, starting from the self-evidence of nonduality to the ignorance and intrinsic uncertainty of multiplicity. It is apparently ordered in increasing degrees of veiling as one descends to hell.

The goal of spiritual quest is not to find individual answers for the question of life and existence but to find the very root of this concern which is in the illusion of individuality and separation.

From the bottom-up point of view it is impossible to resolve the problem of the primordial duality of life into nonduality. From the top-down point of view, there is no problem at all because there is no duality. The dream world exists only for its inhabitants.

Modern science is lost in the ocean of secondary causes. On the other hand, we naked people of the unbeaten path play in the ocean of the first cause. It is important to recognize that the first cause is not the first member in the order of the chain of secondary causes. It is a beginning in a different sense. These secondary causes that are the concern of empirical science are the shadows, or projections, of the first cause. You can’t find what a person looks like or see their eyes by investigating their shadow!

It is art to stay with an idea, to love it and to make love to it until it comes to fruition, and the fruition of an idea is its realization, both in the sense of realizing the idea and being oneself realized by that idea.

To love a thing is to move toward it, and nothing moves us but longing: Longing is the universal currency. Love is never left unfulfilled; but the whole scope of its fulfillment is usually concealed from us.

One is bound to become the ideas one lives with: We create ourselves in the image of the ideas we entertain. The ideas, in turn, shape us and our ideas ideas! A sort of what is called a hermeneutical circle in which mankind always finds itself.

One’s degree of conformity to the ideal depends on the extent of the ideal’s presence in one’s consciousness. You’ll become what you stay focused on.

As Maya develops itself, the apparent degeneration expands: The universal structures, i.e. archetypes, tend to disintegrate, and their joints tends to become distinct points, like a geometrical point that develops itself into a line by a continuous self-transcendence! Likewise, lines become planes, and planes become blocks, etc. And all this becoming is happening inside the heart of that very starting point. It’s a point that’s dreaming it has become a sphere and afraid of it.

What is is afraid of what it can be, and that’s the source of all self-imposed limitations. All of our fears are fears of ourselves.

There doesn’t seem to be a fundamental difference between total outwardness and total inwardness. This has its principle in the fundamental identity of Samsara and Nirvana. The majority of people live somewhere in between. It is our confusion about these two, and preferring one over the other even though they are identical, that leads us to attachment and suffering. As long as one dwells in either the pure Subject or the absolute Object one is in one and the same state of Reality.

He threw a veil over their face. Now, the world they think they’re seeing is in fact nothing but that veil.

God, pure Being, is a chameleon with infinite colors. Its infinity is simply its indefinite possibilities of shining, of showing itself. As a chameleon stays the same throughout the transitions of its skin color, the multiplicity that we perceive is the many modes of manifestation of Being. Unlike the case of a chameleon, Being is no a thing, not a person: It is beyond personality and yet contains within itself the very principle of personality. Though God is not person, all persons are nothing but It.

5 thoughts on “The Rules of Maya

  1. As long as one dwells in either the pure Subject or the absolute Object one is in the same state of Reality.
    The character Krishna of Mahabharata is a perfect example.
    Our Guru Brihaspati created Charuvaka principles for absolute object living.
    All these ideas are for humans only I suppose.
    Thanks. while reading your posts I feel as if I live each word and become my personality once I end reading .

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  2. Form is the sound of essence. This universe is the vibration of the unmanifest.

    The truth is veiled in all obviousness. It is there but we fail to recognize it.


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