Wisdom: The Embodied Intelligence

Wisdom may be born in the mountains but it lives in the city; it blossoms only when Zarathustra returns from the mountains. Wisdom is not a thinking affair; it is a living being. Wisdom is not about perfection; it is about wholeness. Wisdom can’t be found in the books; it is through and through the heart’s business. Facts may become more complex, but wisdom always remains simple. … More Wisdom: The Embodied Intelligence

Meditation: A scientific method for the study of consciousness

If mastery over the natural sciences has helped us tame and transform nature, mastery over the science of consciousness (by meditation) can help us tame and transform ourselves. Wholeness is always achieved by transforming and reintegrating both poles of reality, the knower and the known. … More Meditation: A scientific method for the study of consciousness

How To Meditate

The Art of Effortless Meditation We often approach meditation with a purely utilitarian mindset; we like the way it feels. But meditation, in both eastern and western traditions, wasn’t originally designed as a means of intoxication but rather as a window toward self-transcendence and unity with the Godhead. Meditation as medication, as is often used, … More How To Meditate