Die Before You Die

The more absent I am as a construct, the more present I become as a living reality, elusive is my true face and yet I am everywhere.

The man seeking the truth is the very thing that is concealing the truth. This man stands to truth as a note stands to the silence from which it has arisen and to which it shall return. A note is a covering to silence; it shall find the silence only upon death.

So is man’s existence a veil over the undifferentiated being of the Godhead that constitutes man’s true essence. And this is not just another construct, a mere speculation to entertain the brothel of ideas that is the modern mind. We are here speaking of an accessible state of consciousness, a state that is no state at all but perfect homogeneity in transcendental consciousness.

It is peculiar to human being that it can die before its death, that it can directly witness its own essence prior to physiological passing. A witnessing that nonetheless is made apparent and available through total annihilation of the I-construct.

There are many points of entry into this witnessing state, plenty in religion and some within philosophy. But they all requires acts of transcendental origin that dehumanize the performer of the act. It may be spoken of as a form of intellectual suicide in which even the very notion of transcendence and any motivation behind it must be suspended and stay so until “transition” is made possible by its own accord.

“Transition” here is made use of only provisionally, for no man makes it through past this point; it is not man, not a person, who all of a sudden begins to witness what wasn’t being witnessed previously. It is rather the death of the man and personality that make apparent the “witnessing” that by itself has neither a beginning nor an end.

The man, the appearing performer of the self-annihilating act, is in fact the very agent that is obstructing the “witnessing.” For the witnessing to become apparent man must remove itself from the situation; and by so removing itself it becomes apparent that man is the very situation in which he/she finds itself; that nothing, and absolutely nothing, but the subject-less Witnessing is real.

In truth, there is neither a witness nor something that is witnessed: there is only pure, uninterrupted witnessing that has no beginning and end, for it is a witnessing not in time but in which time and temporality falsely appear to exist.

The seer and the seen are abstract constraints imposed on the self-sufficient Seeing that is the only reality.

The seeing I speak of here is a seeing of at once all directions and in all times: It is a seeing of the highest order in comparison to which human seeing is sheer blindness.

What hides our true eye is our false eye. What obstructs the face of the true “I” is the mask that is the false I.

My friend, don’t even try to drop this mask; recognize that you are the mask.

You keep it hidden by seeking it.

Do not seek; instead, see!

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