My Perennials

I see, and I see from a dimension into which no creature can look. I roll in plain sight but who is to see my face!

What keeps me concealed from view is the pure simplicity of my nature. What brings me into view is the pure simplicity of your nature.

Some have sought me in the seen, in nature and its objects; some have sought me in the seer, in the spirit and its subjects. But I’m to be found not by seeking but by seeing, and neither in the seen nor in the seer, but in the seeing itself.

The seen and the seer are like my two hands. Find me who am dwelling in between the two, in the coincidence of all opposites; that’s where my dimensionless abode is.

There is chaos in my solitude; but as an imperfect object in space cannot affect the perfection of space, and as light is not itself defiled by illumining defilement, in like manner the temporality of my apparent form cannot affect the eternity of my essence; my finitude cannot define and confine my infinitude.

To all things in my courtyard I reach with my grace, and I animate them with my glance, and yet nothing ever reaches Me. The light of all eyes comes from me, and yet no eye has ever seen me. Like light I am the Dark Revealer: To illuminate! This is my nature; and to be illumined; this is your nature.

You can surely see me! Those who refuse to see, found refuge in belief; they grow opinions about my nature and wallow in pride over the aesthetic and sophistication of their constructs! The blind cannot but play in a fantasy creation of their own making. Let the scientist and the philosopher, the equally deranged theist and the atheist, the logician and the theologian, fool and please themselves with their vibrating toys. We people of the sight, we stand face to face with the naked truth, for we love wholeheartedly the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the Truth.



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