Of Vice and Men

We are a people of a descending order, coming from a long line of immigrants who were forced into exile due to crimes of passion. This expulsion of ours, this apparent thrown-ness from out of ourselves, was never a geographical translation but rather a geometrical descension. We fell, and we fell badly, into an inferior state, like a man who has momentarily slipped into the inner world and has become so intensely possessed by his preoccupations that he sees no more what he perceives. This is the tale of our exile, of this unfortunate fall, which at best constitutes a momentary disorientation followed by crippling hallucinations, by an incessant flow of experience that can always be broken and vanished by the smallest disruption, by a hand wave.

Alast, we are fallen, and It knows we fall the fall. We the people of our order, we are quite industrious. Our souls stretched from hell to heaven, we have in store from the basest bestiality to the highest divinity; but this is all nothing but our raw material. What we have mastered, and what we are known for, is what we do with what we have, which is making virtue out of vice.

We are truly the alchemists of our species. Our alchemy is of course superior to that of prophets and mystics, for they have to exhaust their vice in order to become virtuous. We the master alchemists, we on the other hand keep the vice and happily wallow in it but artfully package and sell it as virtue.

Let me make things straight: we don’t get rid of vice to make place for virtue; we rather make vice and virtue coincide, to coexist. We are truly and not pretentiously lovers of virtue and wisdom, of the highest ideals, but we have chosen to dwell on low lands, and we know not why! And yes, the chief element of our magic, the insidious magicians that we are, is making things appear.

Some of our members are so great at this art that it is for them at once a gift and a curse. For them, their magic can become so real, the appearances so close to “the things themselves” that they become captivated by their own productions more than anyone else.

But we are not evil in our hearts; quite the contrary, we contain an ocean of love, but we had to learn things from anew, to be a little abrasive here and there, for our people, we people of this descending order of immigrants from above and beyond the surface of the waters, we all missed the orientation and lost the user’s manual to this delicate and super complicated space vessel called human existence.


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