Seek not, See!

To know the truth is not the same as having a theory or a belief system about reality, however logical or scientific they may be; rather, Truth discloses itself naturally when we stop superimposing on the stream of consciousness our own theoretical/theological interpretations of reality.
Truth is always in front of our eyes, hidden in plain sight; but It is so obvious and transparent that out of disbelief we read into it what we wished It were, i.e. our all too human hopes and expectations.
We are immortals having dreams of our mortality.
We are the Truth thinking we are facts.
We are the Spirit behind the letter thinking we are the letter.
We are the whole imagining we have become the part.
This nature dwells in us, and yet we think we are dwelling in nature.
We are the sought, and yet we are seeking in vain.
Oh my slumbering spirit, seek not, See!

8 thoughts on “Seek not, See!

  1. Yes! Good stuff. I sometimes say, truth is transformative, it is “knowing,” it’s intuitive, much bigger then simple facts. Also, often right in front of us, but hidden. We often lack the eyes to see it, but it isn’t actually “seen,” it is known and felt and experienced.

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  2. It can also be terrifying when we get the first glimpse & see that we are making up our so-called ‘reality’. Then, we know that we must give up what we ‘see’ & allow ‘Reality’ to take over completely. All that we have known is then gone & we truly die daily, if not moment to moment at first. Not sure if this makes sense or is relevant to the subject. Going through this experience now. Am watching from far back in my head (that is how it feels) & knowing & seeing that all that I have been seeing is false & partitioned into tiny segments of people & things. The perfect ‘Whole’ is replacing my pictures.
    Thank you, Toomajj, for your reminders.

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