Truth-Eclipsing Time

Time conceals Reality. It is the thin veil between us and the Truth. Under the spell of time objects appear to be out there, and they appear to be out there as embodied things. Embodiment, whether of the object, of ourselves, or of the world as a whole, is the production of time. Time appearing to slip away makes objects too appear to slip away, as if they’re stretched in time, as if there were histories and futures.

Time gives objects their face, their identity. But this world is nothing but a mask, a mask made of time. This world is my mask. The ideas of past and future are the two threads by which the mask is tied around my face, His face.

This existence, this seemingly real brightness, is not lit by the light of Truth; it is not lit at all, for it is all made of shadows. This existence with all its sciences and theories, religions and philosophies, is just a state of eclipse. The world that ceaselessly appears before you is precisely that which is blocking the light of Truth. World is not something; you are not something; World and you are both the lack of something, the lack of Reality: We are nothing but shadows, shadows cast by the eclipse of Truth. For His blinding face to appear, everything must disappear. The veil to be torn apart is nothing but ourselves.

But what is it that is blocking the light and causing the eclipse? It is the mind and its time-consciousness; it is the shadow of our beliefs and convictions, our notions and ideas of ourselves, God, and truth. Yet, for Truth to appear as Itself all shadows must vanish, all ideas, and especially the idea that I have ideas, the idea that I am at all.

My dear, you are not; you only think that you are because there is the notion that He is not. When He reveals Himself all things melt. When He appears all else disappears, for He is all that there is and world is nothing but His back.

7 thoughts on “Truth-Eclipsing Time

  1. Pranam Tomajji.
    On finding i am limited ,as an individual, through sathsang, i am not trying to deny the possibility of unlimitedness.
    The limitedness of me is not a threat to my freedom in sense of Moksha.
    It is not due some wayward argument but because of the Mithyathva(illusion) of objects and world including me as an entity.
    There seems no possibility that we can ever claim of unlimitedness as that can never be claimed. Claiming is an aspect of limitedness.
    The mithyathva throws one more truth that the objects / experience of objects lies within my awareness only and here is where my freedom starts.
    My freedom just firms its stay with me due to the fact that any attempt to fill the gorge by adding new desires and success stories are never ending .
    Every thought in its birth depends on me who is pure awareness only.
    The routine works i undertake need not create a chain as the mithyathva of every bit including my existence as a limited entity depends on this decaying body.
    I need not thrive or run after to conceptualise /imagine unlimitedness .
    Being limited with freedom to stay unstained by present, past and future let me leave the unlimitedness etc for now.
    The limitedness is what is and unlimitedness is( what we say an ideal condition ) what should be.
    Some time it looks like theorising all talks & readings.
    As of now mind has full dominance and subduing the mind is possible and prime necessary to make it intellectually accept that it can never lead us to unlimitedness.
    kindly guide me where i go.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. The point is we are the unlimited but our unlimitedness is not something that can become an object of knowledge in thought because that presupposes duality. Our unlimitedness is however something that can be realized, realization being higher than objective knowledge. The fact that our thoughts never end, though the thoughts itself are finite, indicates the infinitude of our awareness. We are the space in which thoughts come and go. It is pretty much like empty space; we do not directly perceive empty space as an object but still we are aware of it; it is something realized by the Buddhi.
      The act of seeing is an archetype of this kind of realization. Notice when you are seeing, the objects are all there before you but are not touching or effecting you. Seeing is the most detached mode of perception. In seeing you see objects that are finite, but the seeing itself is an infinite field within which objects appear. Now to go one step back notice that when you are seeing you also know that you are seeing; you don’t confuse seeing with hearing or touching. The seeing that sees your seeing, hearing, touching, etc is infallible; you are that ray of knowing that sees your seeing, sees your hearing and feeling, sees your thinking, etc. That cannot become an object of rational knowledge because it is the very light by which rational knowledge is known as what it is. We cannot grasp that by thinking about it or though scripture, etc because we are it. We can however realize it when we drop all notions whatsoever. For me something that helps me go to that place of detachment is meditation where I stop thinking about truth or reality or using concepts. Then I see again that I am the very light behind all things. The reason that thinking and seeking doesn’t get us there is that we are ourselves that. Where there is only one thing existent (I mean your true Self) how can anything be found by seeking? Seeking presupposes a duality, the seeker and the sought. When the notion of this duality is dropped then you realize your unlimitedness which is never accessible through concepts and thoughts.

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      1. That was a great reply! People have to first realize that they are limited by thoughts/concepts. Then only they will be able to appreciate the illimitable freedom of “seeing” or “pure awareness” which is the very light which reveals or gives energy to thoughts/concepts and without which the thoughts/concepts themselves don’t exist! If people don’t realize that they are limited by thoughts/concepts, then whatever illimitable freedom we are talking about, they will try to approximate it or conform to it from the mind level itself! Or they will come to the conclusion that such an unlimited freedom does not exist!

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      2. Tomajj, wonderful and very helpful explanation (yes i have read this time and again in your write-ups here) :

        Would I be right in putting it this way:

        We are all the various locus points of one consciousness. Our perceptions and points of view could be different, since we are all mere loci, but the supreme witness /the supreme knower in us all, is one and absolute and that’s why we all share the same illusion that is this cosmos.

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      3. Very well put. It is also what I meant to say. The witness is one but loci appear to be many. It is really very much like one mind, in its dream state, can project itself into many minds and objects making up the dream world. In dream there are various subjects and points of view, but they are all projections of one mind. It is on the nature of consciousness to project its ideas into images, giving the illusion of multiplicity.

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