Nothing Matters

What is human being?

Human being is really a home theater system. It provides audio-visual entertainment, engages thoughts and emotions; in it we watch phenomena such as religion and philosophy, science and its theories, ideas of truth and reality and enlightenment, bondage and salvation, heaven and hell, God and emptiness, all and all being phenomena played before us. Yet we are always tuned into this one channel called “human person.” We’re told this is the only channel and watching it is the only thing we can do. In other words, we are stuck in this human self-apperception called the perception box.

What is spoken of as liberation is only the realization that this whole thing called the world with its notions of creation, life, death, etc. this totality with which we are so fixated is only a home theater system. We are already home, and beyond this entertainment nothing is and nothing matters at all unless we make it matter.

Enjoy riding your notions but don’t let them ride you. Nothing matters at all, for it is all the play of the void on void.

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