Objects are not simply passive phenomena hovering over against consciousness. Objects always appear with an overbearing claim to existence. Look around you! Everything that is is saying “I am.” The world is a voice pronouncing “I AM.” AUMMM

World is a tyranny of Being.

I am. Yet, I am a quite peculiar being: Though inert objects are oblivious to my “I am”, I am constantly aware of theirs, whether these objects are here or there, actual or possible, concrete or abstract, microscopic or macroscopic. I am that to whom the whole world is yelling “I am.” I am the supreme witness of all claims to existence. I cannot hear anything but “I am”. I am the supreme vessel. I am that I am.

By the nature of things we are bullied into accepting the reality of what appears before us. The glance of our consciousness is captivated with world and worldliness, and we are so in bondage of objects that we can’t hear their loud “I am.” Experience at once sees and accepts: It sees Being and accepts beings. But beings have Being before we give them a name or function. In reality the sound of “I am” is the first and the last thing heard.

I am that to whom everything is yelling “I am.” Everything is because I am, because I must be for their “I am” to be heard. And to be is to be heard.

I am that which is. Wake up to me and see my face. O’ seeker of truth! For how long shall I wait for your return.