A Visual Account of Quantum Strangeness

The strangeness of the microscopic world, aka the quantum world, is best captured in a famous experiment known as The Double Slit Experiment. It is a simple experiment that shows how our intuitive ideas of matter and reality don’t hold anymore. This experiment shows the essence of quantum mechanics and why it is so strange and counter-intuitive. The following video is the best and the most accurate description of this experiment I have found so far. I hope you enjoy it.

10 thoughts on “A Visual Account of Quantum Strangeness

    1. The most important consequence is that reality is not something fixed and independent of our knowledge of it. It is in a state of potentiality until we observe it. From a mystical point of view it links the supreme reality to conscousness. My own take is that it is all one thing only appearing diverse due to the mind.

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      1. I see what you’re saying. It’s fascinating to me that the observer affects the observed. In life does this mean that when we mind the affairs of others we are affecting them and their processes? I wonder because we see so much of this in our world. What we focus on expands. Thank you, Toomajj.

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      2. Thank you. What you asked is a very important point and a main part of my own personal research. From principles we know that consciousness affects or determines reality but we don’t yet know how exactly! eg, if I imagine a book to be inside an empty box, this won’t create a book inside there. Or it is not clear if we can affect other’s lives by thought, though there may be rare instances. This is a question for myself. The important point is that when we say consciousness determines reality we do not mean individual consciousness, not mine or yours; but rather a more collective consciousness. In Hinduism they say there is only one universal consciousness. Perhaps it is the universal consicousness that affects reality. But this collective consciousness is also determined by people since if there are many individuals thinking the same thing, then that becomes their reality.
        I personally believe that the degree to which reality can be changed depends on the degree of intensity by which consciousness intends something. If there are many people thinking of the same thing, that becomes reality because the intensity of many consciousnesses is more than the intensity of one. At the same time if you intend something in your own life, despite you are one person but if you intend it really really hard and with strong belief, then you increase the intensity and make it happen. A very strong and intense personal belief is as effective as many minds intending the same thing. This is my personal take on how consciousness can produce real change. But there are still questions I am working on. I hope I was clear in what I meant to say.
        It is like how water can make a hole in a stone. A strong current can make this hole maybe in a day but a smaller droplet with persistent can make the same hole maybe in one year. Mind too changes reality in the same manner I guess.

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      3. Thank you. You were very clear in your response. I’ve been doing a lot of meditating on things like critical mass and being the change that I want to see. Sometimes I venture off into magical thinking with this but I believe that our thoughts are our realities and therefore can affect the conditions that we face right now in our world by being, simply being conscious. So when I observe something knowing that even very slightly, I can affect it, I guess it becomes my choice how I focus thereby possibly sending positive or negative energy. Not sure about this at all. One could become “Pollyanna”ish if one is not careful. I guess what I’m saying is our empowerment lies in consciousness? Anyway, you are such a blessed soul, dearheart.

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      4. It is exactly as you described above. After all what makes up our reality is not the objects and situations in it but how we think about them and react to them. Our attitudes our the basis of reality. Changing our thoughts and attitudes changes our whole world and reality. God bless you.

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  1. Toomajj – the video was excellent and very helpful for me understanding what I’ve read many times. As for observation affecting others and things. I’ve read of experiments in biology and also documentation regarding psychology that observation does effect results. It’s only logical when we understand we are all in essence of one consciousness and it is our delusions and poisons that make us perceive difference. Please, more videos. Thanks.

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  2. if every word that crosses the mind and action that follows can relieve pain /sorrow of every individual ,blessed will that person be. in simple terms there is no Dukha(sadness/sorrowness) until u feel so. there is nothing in the world that does not belong to you. walk into a vast well maintained public park and feel that it is your personal property and none can stop u from enjoying that feeling of ownership.Tomaj is one such person every one of feel like owning him.

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