You are after enlightenment and liberation because you believe you are in darkness and bondage.

The sole bondage is the very idea that you are in bondage.

Throw away the notions of bondage and enlightenment, and then you are truly liberated.

You are the sole dweller of the void. You are the only thing that exists. There is nothing outside and beside you to bound you and to limit you. That which is infinite is essentially liberated: Infinitude is your essence.

Bondage is when we believe we are mortals in bondage and then seek immortality and liberation. The seeking for liberation becomes itself the bondage.

Where there is no bondage there is no need of liberation.

One whose essence is infinite and pure can never become finite and impure. One whose essence is immortal can never become mortal.

The instant you throw away the idea that you are mortal and in bondage you will be immortal and liberated: You don’t become that; you only remember and realize it.

Truth is not something to be attained: Truth is to be remembered.

No one can remember the truth for you; only you can remember it, for it is only you who is veiling it.

You yourself are the first and the last veil and the one behind the veil.

You are the disciple and the guru; you are the challenge and the one who overcomes the challenge.

You are at once the truth and the one who stands in the way of truth.

You are the seeker, the sought, and the way.

You are already liberated: Just live as such.