The Immortal Within

The Life of The Disinterested Onlooker

Dwells in the void the eye of all eyes; it is the detached source of all light; it is the Disinterested Onlooker.

The Disinterested Onlooker sheds its supreme light on the pure forms and intentions of the transcendental ego, the ego that constitutes the cosmos through ideation. The light refracted from this constituting ego projects outwards into oblivion. The Disinterested Onlooker itself being essentially pure and infinite experiences its own outward projection as a finite empirical ego enclosed in an empirical expanding universe, though this is all an empty appearance playing in the void: It is not the universe that exists; it is the experience of the universe that exists.

Radiation and Ideation are the principles behind the experience of the universe.

Nothing is really ever created. The experience of reality and existence is as unreal as a dream bubble that bursts upon waking up. Awaken the Disinterested Onlooker and the play of existence would disappear into the void.

The human person and its universe are mere appearances made of void and played within the outward projections emanating from the gaze of the onlooker: The Disinterested Onlooker at once creates the experience of reality and experiences this experience, itself being the only reality. It is the reality of the onlooker that is reflected in experience, and being absorbed in this experience the onlooker has come to believe that there is a reality other than itself: This is The Fall of the onlooker.

Being fallen and forgetful, the Disinterested Onlooker thinks it is human! What an idiot?!

The gaze of the onlooker is trapped in the world of its own making.

Being absorbed in the experience of its own projection, when the Disinterested Onlooker forgets itself and its own superior reality it is in bondage; when it remembers itself and realizes that it is the transcendental onlooker, then it is liberated. It has woken up from the dream of bondage and liberation: The detached onlooker is always the Disinterested Onlooker; in reality it has never been in bondage and it never needs liberation.

Bondage is the forgetfulness of its essence,

Liberation is the remembrance of its essence.

All knowledge is self-knowledge; and to know is to remember.

Only the Disinterested Onlooker exists; and we are all that: We are all One.

The life of the Disinterested Onlooker resembles the tale of a god who has fallen asleep dreaming that it is human seeking a god.

Perhaps human is but an sleepwalking god. No wonder human knowledge and love are the most precious of all things while human ignorance and hatred are the most dangerous of all things! After all, what is most dangerous than an ignorant god gone mad?!

Bondage is in not knowing that there is no bondage to begin with. Bondage is in ceaselessly seeking outside for liberation. Bondage is just another hearsay like the world. Bondage is in accepting that we are in bondage: Everything we accept we make real.

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