Wisdom: The Embodied Intelligence

Wisdom is not in the mind; it is in the connection between the mind and the body. Wisdom is in the marriage between the heavens and the earth; it is in the embodied spirit. It is in and through the letter that meaning is transmitted as wisdom. Ideas may spring forth in solitude but wisdom is in the midst of the world. Wisdom may be hammered into form in the bazaar, but it is used in the fields.

Wisdom may be born in the mountains but it lives in the city; it blossoms only when Zarathustra returns from the mountains. Wisdom is not a thinking affair; it is a living being. Wisdom is not about perfection; it is about wholeness.

Wisdom can’t be found in the books. There’s more wisdom in a human handshake or a nod of recognition than in all the books in the world. Wisdom is through and through the heart’s business. Facts may become more complex, but wisdom always remains simple.

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