To Be is to be Loved

If you are, that means that you are loved, and that you are loved by the noblest love from the most loving. Your very existence is sustained by god’s love for you.

Isn’t truly loving someone to give them space to be, to let them be what they truly are! So, this is how and why you are. Love is Being and Being is love.

So next time that you feel you are abandoned, shift your attention from the “abandoned” to the “are,” and know that you are because god loves you: know that you are never really abandoned.

3 thoughts on “To Be is to be Loved

  1. I thought I was God, or God was me. Now this makes me feel like God is something separated from me.


  2. Even mortal parent’s love is so unconditional, we cannot express in words the power of creator’s love for His creation from humans to the smallest insects.

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