Find Me If You Can

The Void swallows that which is like it, empty and transparent. In that blessed moment what is above snatches from the claws of time what is below and hands it over to eternity.

Oh pole-seeking inhabitants of this imaginary sphere! It recedes as you seek It.

My Being stands, like Muhammad and the circle of friends, before this captivating tale of becoming begun.

Neither human nor angel am I! I am a pure gaze of no origin. I am the seer in all eyes and yet no eye can see me. I am one without a second. How do I bear this eternal solitude! In the whole of this existence no one is found but Me.

10 thoughts on “Find Me If You Can

  1. Oh pole-seeking inhabitants of this imaginary sphere! It recedes as you seek It.

    Beautiful line, giving more than one meaning..

    “How do I bear this eternal solitude!”

    For me, sometimes I find this contemplation dreadful.
    A sudden realisation sometimes that all that you hold dear in this life, this samsara, is not real and only an illusion freaks me out sometimes. Infact, I had this once when I was overseas far away from home, when I was particularly having a disturbed sleep, and I woke up with this feeling and it freaked me out. I turn up to a deity, and find comfort in the duality. I stopped reading everything about non duality for some time.

    This also brings a very superficial thought to me sometimes, is pure consciousness manifesting itself as a very methodical cosmos, that it almost feels real itself, forgetting its true nature, only because it is unable to bear the eternal solitude itself? Is what we think as Perfect and Pure also not so perfect, that only because of its slight imperfection it is manifesting itself as a cosmos with all its grossness? But then I convince myself that this imperfection and insecurity can only belong to an entity that is bonded to love, affection and compassion and all its associated holy virtues, however holier it might be, are tenterhooks of maya. If Cosmos is a divine intention, it appears very strange to me sometimes why the Divine intends the cosmos this way.

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    1. It seems that you are trying to place values on the Impersonal ground of being. What we may think is bad, or wrong, or distastefull are just personal judgements. We can’t impose those values on the Impersonal. The creative source of all this loves everything equally: the good, bad, ugly, beautiful. It is all the same to That.

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      1. True. This is due to my own struggle with the two contradicting point of views which Tomaj has explained below. Reality is one but it is my view, the way I see things, which is juxtaposed because it is predominantly grounded in samsara, in conditional existence. The view of realization is largely theoretical for me, but one which I believe in and some aspects of which intuitively makes sense. Infact, most of the questions I post here to Tomaj again and again reflect only this underlying struggle :), but I post it nevertheless in an anticipation of yet another revelation, many of which I have gained here from his write-ups.


    2. There are two seemingly contradictory points of view; one is from the point of view of conditional existence, i.e. things seen from within creation and cosmos; and there’s the point of view of realization which is from eternity. These are clearly distinguished in Hindu metaphysics as Paramarthika and Vyavaharika perspectives. From our point of view the pure consciousness appears to have become this universe, manifested, etc. But from the point of view of realization there is no becoming; nothing is ever created; all of this is realized to be illusory and none but the Self. So the Self hasn’t undergone any change or manifested itself; it appears so only from the point of view within the cosmos.

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      1. Can I say the mind doesn’t accept it is part and parcel of the impartial/impersonal absolute consciousness due to lack of it’s capacity to perceive Parabrahmam and accept the illusory nature of cosmos/universe.

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